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Saurian-Tyrannosaurus rex

By arvalis
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Here is the new T. rex for Saurian, that dinosaur game I'm working on.  We redesigned our rex after new information came out and some less than gentle prodding from yours truly.  During the redesign process I must have pumped out dozens of design ideas.  So I am extremely satisfied with this design, its become hard to see any other T. rex now haha.  Anyways I hope you guys dig it.  Also I should be able to start posting new work again soon, so get excited.  Follow the links below to find out more information on Saurian and our new T. rex design.

Saurian Facebook | Saurian Twitter | Saurian Website

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Photoshop CS5: a ton of time to get to this final concept
T. rex Design©Urvogel Games LLC
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ArgentDandelion Digital Artist

I like the feather detail.

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LordMillenIrisGreenHobbyist General Artist

This drawing is funny like a dinosaur dancing or joking.

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44120GGiStudent Artist
Love this.
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Magnanimous-MattHobbyist Digital Artist
Phenomenal as the new design is, I'm gonna miss this buddy ;_;
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GearDaemonHobbyist General Artist
Im gonna miss this feathered t-rex design in saurian, it is one of my favorites and it looks so damn cool. But your recent redesign is fantastic, the t-rex is definitely not one of my favorite dinos but your passion for them is inspiring.
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the feathers in the fossil of a T-rex was actually never proven.

however,  new evidence has surfaced in fossilized neck skin that shows the T-rex was indeed covered in scales.

feathers are nothing more than a pipe dream for evolutionists who want the crackpot bird theory to hold more ground with a lack of real evidence.

I however do enjoy your art.
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Sheemori, your comment is a monument to stupidity.

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actually no its not but keep being uneducated and wrong.
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Pennaceous (modern, leaf-like, not just filamentous) feathers have been found in multiple specimens of oviraptorosaurs, dromaeosaurs and troodontids, including Protarchaeopteryx, Caudipteryx, Similicaudipteryx, Microraptor, Changyuraptor, Zhenyuanlong and Jinfengopteryx. And these have direct evidence of pennaceous feathers (e.g. the feathers are preserved, not only things like quill knobs and pygostyles, for which there are many other genera).

Sheemori's avatar
I will state again.
no T-rex fossil has ever been found that suggests that there is any evidence that they had feathers.
a recent discovery actually puts this all to rest when scales were found on a skin sample.

dinosaurs evolving into birds is one of the most laughable ideas and just plain backwards thinking we have ever had in science.
creationism holds more ground than that "theory" if you can even call it that. more like an agenda.

I put the evolution of dinosaurs into birds on the same shelf as flat Earth and man made climate change.
all proven wrong by real science.
clovis227's avatar

"dinosaurs evolving into birds is one of the most laughable ideas and just plain backwards thinking we have ever had in science"

So you're just gonna ignore all the evidence I pointed out?

I'm well aware that no tyrannosaurid has been found with preserved with feathers so far (although tyrannosauroids have). Nonetheless, many more derived coelurosaurs have been found with beautifully preserved pennaceous feathers, as I have already said.

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arvalisProfessional Digital Artist
This is 3 years old. I know that feathers are no longer likely for T. rex. However we know for a fact that many dinosaurs are feathered. We have tons of evidence for feathers. For someone to think otherwise, they would have to be very dumb.
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Hetalia0604Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Still looks terrifying with the fluffy feathers 
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ABB0002Professional Photographer
Anthomnia played saurian
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arvalisProfessional Digital Artist
He's played it a few times it would seem. 
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ABB0002Professional Photographer
He only played I think 8 times
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TWdinoexplainerHobbyist General Artist…………………

I like the idea you had of making this but personally i find the feathered trex a little underwhelming and not very intimidating, also it would be cool if you could add albertosaurus to the list of dinosaurs for saurian, I picked up the game recently its a bit bare but its beautiful. 
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JPGuchihaHobbyist Traditional Artist
Is there any real evidence that says an adult T-rex had feathers?
CoelurosaurianArtist's avatar
CoelurosaurianArtistHobbyist General Artist
You've been literately commenting this for every feathered T.rex reconstruction.  
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EvodolkaHobbyist Traditional Artist
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JPGuchihaHobbyist Traditional Artist

What's wrong with asking for evidence to a baseless claim?
CoelurosaurianArtist's avatar
CoelurosaurianArtistHobbyist General Artist
I'm not talking about the hypothesis itself. 

I'm alluding to your constant barrage of the same comment copied and pasted to every interpretation of the animal. Even if it was prior to the Bell et al. paper. 

There is of course, nothing wrong with questioning the individual for their reasoning on why they drew the creature with plumage. At the time, the resources we had lead us to bring up the hypothesis on the matter, and plenty of scientists were actually convinced by the hypothesis. 

But now, that very idea is being questioned as time goes on. Almost everyone overlooked the fact that it was a hypothesis. THAT is why many people reconstructed the animal possessing feathers.  
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can i have your permission to publish something with a similar colour and look scheme to this artwork here please :)
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