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Saurian-Tyrannosaurus Lifecycle


Boy have I been waiting a long time to show you guys these.  I got to design the growth stages for our playable T. rex design in Saurian a ways back and we've finally decided to reveal it.  Its really silly how drastically rex changes as it grows up, from cheetah to bruiser. I believe from left to right their ages are 25, 12, 5, and 2 years old.  Sign me the hell up for sprinting through the woods as a baby rex hunting down acheroraptors though.  I'm super excited for this game and I hope y'all are too.

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Photoshop CS5: a ton of time to get to this final concept
T. rex Design©Urvogel Games LLC
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I always imagined that Tyrannosaurs started out as being very feathery, but they eventually became less and less fuzzy as they grew older.

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its good but i think the adult t rex feather coat must cover smaller area of the body then it will be perfect

EvanKlein1's avatar
this is what t-rex should look like
Solarzilla's avatar
Too be honest I kinda prefer a scaley Rex.
KostasGamer's avatar

its half scaly half feathered and its the most plausible thing for t rex but i just thing the coat of fethers should be smaller

EvanKlein1's avatar
feathered rex is better
carcharsauce's avatar
Aren’t u gonna update it?
arvalis's avatar
Yes when its done. 
JPGuchiha's avatar
Is there any real evidence that says an adult T-rex had feathers?
ElrondPeredhel's avatar
We have no evidence in any direction (we know for sure T-rex had scales in some parts of their body like the one pictured above) : some relatives of T-rex like Yu-Tyrannis had a full feather coat while some of its ancestors were mostly if not fully scaly-beast. Saurian went halfway with feathers and scale and I think they did a great job !
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Hello new background. <3
ThatCoelurosaur's avatar
Was there really no in-between stage from speedy subadult to giant bruiser? Or does each dinosaur only have 4 growth stages for gameplay reasons?
Roronoa-Forte's avatar
Probably gameplay reasons. It's a small development team, so they're taking the path of least expense, developmentally and financially.
Andauril's avatar
I really love these designs. Saw them at first on the Saurian page, I'm glad I could find the artist here on DeviantArt to tell them how awesome they look!
Lovely! By the way, you should update the Baby/Hatchling stage with the info from the MOR 6625 "Chomper" specimen.
ThatZoologyDude's avatar
Absolutely love the design! Probably the second dino I'll play as!
juan123456789's avatar
All his forms look really fucking cool!
Din0saur-pajamas's avatar
This looks amazing! I've always imagined Trexs looking Like that! :D
EthanTavitas's avatar
No no feathers on arms only on back.
EthanTavitas's avatar
feathers were just on it's back, there wasn't that much feathers on a t.rex.
arvalis's avatar
I'm going to need to see your sources because the sources I have completely conflict with that.
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