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Saurian-Triceratops Lifecycle


The Saurian Triceratops prorsus was designed before I joined the project but lucky for me I got to design the rest of the lifecycle.  From left to right: super adult, sub-adult, juvenile, and baby.  The super adults are absolutely massive and will probably be able to fend off all but the most aggressive and large rexes.  Also trike skulls sure do some weird things as they age up.  Ugh the face on the baby, it looks like a dinosaur trying to be a person and I hate it.

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Photoshop CS5: 15 hours
Triceratops Design©Urvogel Games LLC
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this is amazing and very accurate

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When will this be updated? I remember that you were going to put more keratin in the face and did a live stream.
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I posted the updated version on artstation, just never got around to it here.…
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Do you think you’ll ever post it on here by any chance?
Apologies if this is a dumb question, but looking at gameplay of Saurian, their forelimb posture is more splayed out than I was expecting. I thought the contemporary consensus was that they had a more rhinoceros-like posture?
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Triceratops's forelimb posture was somewhere in-between sprawled and erect, being more spread out than the hind limbs but not completely sprawled
IIRC, this allowed for its body to be highly compact, sturdy, and "back heavy" to support the head, along with a wide center of balance to prevent any 'tops tipping

visual reference:…
OK, I see.  I'm almost remind of a particularly squat bulldog

I'd imagine that'd limit its mobility though. Probably wouldn't be charging like a rhinoceros as is commonly depicted?
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Well, it wouldn't be charging at Rhino speed, much less charging at all. Rather it would be turning on a dime if you (or the local adult T. rex) tried to get around it.
You mean to tell me that Jurassic Park lied, and they weren't like galloping rhinos!? :O

I might be way off the mark here, but I'm almost reminded of a hippopotamus in forelimb structure. Its been awhile since I've seen a skeleton of them in person anyway, but don't they also have a similar squat build?
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I don't think Jurassic Park ever depicted a charging Trike, outside of that one breakout scene in The Lost World

From what I've seen, hippo skeletons only have a very slight outward bend. Otherwise, they're mostly columnar in posture. What I can say, however, is that Triceratops were likely as aggressive as hippos.
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my favorite dinosaur :3
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I figured out how to survive in Saurian with no trouble (as an adult, anyway), stay near a herd of triceratops! Pachycephallosaurs can get annoying with the random charging, but no T Rex will dare come near you! I even chased one around and bit them, and they ignored me. And I shared one's carcass with another T Rex :3
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this is "mixed media", isn't it? It has a photo used, what the hell its supposed to do with the "drawings and Painings"?
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This is 100% painted. I do use photo elements in some of my work but this piece has none of that.
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I have to ask, why Triceratops prosus instead of horridus?
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Prorsus was the one that lived at the very end of the mesozoic.
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So is the spiky version of Triceratops entirely discredited? Also is the mature trike the same as the animal once known as T. maximus?
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Hello! I was wondering if i may use this in a youtube video i am making, (we will give you 100% credit of course) and we are not monetizing our videos.

Youtube channel is; The Expeditioner's Discovery Guild, if you were wondering…
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can i ask something since i know you know a lot on dinosaurs does torosaurus still exist or has it been replaced for an older triceratops please i have to know :( (Sad) 
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Torosaurus and triceratops are still separated
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thats good to know now i can add it to my book without worry thanks :) you know i'm kinda jealous of you cause I wanted to learn as much as I could about dinosaurs it was once my dream to be worlds best palaeontologist when i was young but i guess the winds of fate lead people to different paths i guess.
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Beautiful art, I just cant wait for this game
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I absolutely cannot wait for this game. You're a stellar artist, and it's INCREDIBLE to see this level of detail and care put into a single animal, let alone an entire simulated ecosystem. 
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I have always wanted to ask you one question: Did Triceratops have feathers?
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