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Saurian-The Observer

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Hey guys check out this new illustration I did for Saurian.  A sneaky acheroraptor is keeping a watchful eye on a mystery dinosaur.  Bet you cant guess what it is.  It may or may not make a really good desktop background...

Saurian is a new dinosaur game I'm working on.  We aim for the most absurd scientific accuracy of any dinosaur project ever made.  There are no people in Saurian, just prehistoric critters the way it should be.  Also you actually get to play as the dinosaurs, so that's cool.

Saurian Facebook | Saurian Twitter | Saurian Website | Saurian Tumblr

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Saurian Concept Art by arvalis Saurian-Acheroraptor by arvalis Saurian-Quetzalcoatlus by arvalis  

PhotoshopCS5: 20 hours
Acheroraptor Design©Urvogel Games LLC
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Well, this is now my desktop background!