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Saurian-T. rex Infographic

By arvalis
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I know a lot of you had questions related to new T. rex design for Saurian.  So here is an infographic I put together with text by Tom Parker, one of the head science guys on Saurian, for the new Tyrannosaurus.  We put an unbelievable amount of work and research into the design and we wanted to give you guys a peek into our process and findings.  Head on over to the Saurian tumblr to see this same infographic with the model instead of the concept art.

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Photoshop CS5: 3 hours
T. rex Design©Urvogel Games LLC
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Isn't that a beutiful theropod.
0ArmoredSoul0's avatar

I want to pet it, but it would eat me.
Almostthere99's avatar
still needs more feathers 
Luspear-Soram's avatar
That picture is really cool.
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Is there any real evidence that proves that T. rex had feathers?
Megasupream's avatar
There never was "proof" of it, but at the time, it was considered most likely. I'm sure you already know about their redesign of it, with one of the changes being the removal of the feathers.
arvalis's avatar
Hey, whats with you posting this regularly to this 2 year old image?
JPGuchiha's avatar
Hi RJ :)

Well there's a very simple reason why. 1. Because I would like an answer from somebody that has real honest to god evidence for the claim of
T. rex having feathers, and seeing that you've got over 100,000 watchers (congrats on that by the way) I was hoping to get a good answer. But sadly all the replies I've gotten have been disappointing. That or I just get blocked by a regressive pussy. 
Also seeing how Saurian is a claiming to be the most accurate prehistoric game ever it would make senses for me to except at least a little bit of evidence, no? 

Thank you for your time.
arvalis's avatar
The answer is that we no longer believe rex itself has feathers. I might also offer that calling people "regressive pussies" and calling me a "total twat" on another comment is probably not the best attitude to be trying to participate in conversation with.
JPGuchiha's avatar
Thanks for clearing that up.

As for me calling to a "total twat", the reason I called you that is because of how you baselessly called :iconak1508: a raciest, a sexiest, and a bigot for no reason. That's why I was annoyed with you and decided to call you that.

And yes, if somebody blocks me for simple asking a question, that in my opinion is what a regressive pussy would do. Wouldn't you agree?
arvalis's avatar
It was not baseless. Also maybe don't be a dick to people you don't know. Maybe the way you phrased your question was very insulting. 
JPGuchiha's avatar
Okay then if it wasn't baseless than what did he say that was raciest, sexiest, and bigoted?
And the 'insulting question' I asked was "Is there any real evidence that proves that T. rex had feathers?" 
tarbano's avatar
He's referring to insinuating he'd be a "regressive pussy" if he didn't reply exactly the way you demanded on, by his own admission, outdated artwork (just look at his more recent art); and the completely out of left field "raciest, sexiest, and a bigot" without any proof and atrocious spelling. Seriously, you're only making yourself look bad here with that attitude and make it look like there is nothing of value to be gained by talking to you.

Chill down and keep things relevant.
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and more to that, i am absolutely sure, all these dinosaurs (Rex, raptor, etc.) had also a proto-beak, such horny plates. The skull part structure for the beak/mouth is exactly the same as actual birds.
arvalis's avatar
No it isn’t. They are different structures entirely. Beak and teeth cannot occupy the same spot.
MonochromiaFever's avatar
This is so cool and awesome I love this!
Wesdaaman's avatar
Yeah, like I said before, Tyrannosaurus and other tyrannosaurids must of had less feathers than their primitive relatives. Something to compare this to would be many of today's ratites having less feathers than most other birds. Another example would be mammals that are less hairy than most, like with cingulates, typical elephants, typical rhinos, hippos, and cetaceans.
Batterymaster's avatar
Howecer, evem gigantic birds like dinornis had feathers.
Lediblock2's avatar
Those birds were still utterly tiny compared to big dinosaurs, though.
Wesdaaman's avatar
Size has nothing to do with it
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