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New Saurian concept art!  Introducing Quetzalcoatlus sp. eating a juvenile champsosaurus.  Not so lucky there champ.

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Saurian Concept Art by arvalis 

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KostasGamer's avatar

thats awesome and sure scary to encounter especially if you are baby dinosaur and of course highly accurate as always

EyeSicle's avatar
Honestly I vastly prefer this design to the newer one. Far more unsettling.
KostasGamer's avatar

the new one looks more accurate and real and the game is trying to be as accurate as possible

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Dis Is A Grandpa Birb
I can imagine this in a murky swamp, just waiting for prey to come closer... Love how you made this look. Looks like it definitely belongs in hell creek.
Lonestarnoctus123's avatar
I can't believe this once lived on EARTH! Looks like it should be on a different planet. 
Dank-Smirk's avatar
I know this isn't a speculative evolution piece, but this image just gave me an idea for one, if you guys want I can tell you about it.
shark235's avatar
They have fur?
arvalis's avatar
Picnofibres, but yeah it looks pretty much like fur 
WorkowatyWilczek's avatar
The best quetzalcoatlus i ever seen. I am sure i will buy saurian.
TheWatcherofWorlds's avatar
Scariest thing ever to soar the skies...
Mourlie's avatar
Oooh! I like that fluffy mammoth-like quetzalcoatlus design, it looks like a beast! Though the wings do seem a little small for its enormous head, but I think in reality its head was maybe really that huge :)
Guyverman's avatar
Will this animal eventually become playable in the future?
paleosir's avatar
I don't know, it was the devs' choice.
Not every animal can be playable, and they would need to make the map much higher for flying to work, and everything to load from a much greater distance, eating away much of your computer's calculation speed.
Guyverman's avatar
But still, a flying animal would add some variety.
paleosir's avatar
it would indeed be awesome
GoldDustArt's avatar
Wait a second! Why is this in the dinosaur tab!? Just kidding love your work
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