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I got to see one of the only fossil displays of this animal in the world back in September.  Made sure to take a ton of pictures to try and make this the most accurate Denversaurus out there.  Hope you guys dig this critter, was a lot of fun to design.

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Photoshop CS5: 7.5 hours
Denversaurus Design©Urvogel Games LLC
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I like the bulky curvature of its body.

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I use this for create  Confusion's Ages by vi-bella  
if I win I divide the winnings because it is also thanks to you that I won
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Robert Bakker in the corner...
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is denversaurus just a younger version of edmontonia then just like with anatosaurus
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I love this art, it's just amazing
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Why did you choose purple for the main color? Isn't purple an extremely rare main color for animals?
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Denversaurus is also a very rare animal, seemed fitting.
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Hmm, true. It does look nice.
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you are one of the creators of saurian
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that color is stupid, do it again
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you should try eating makeup so atleast you can be pretty on the inside
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Shhhh! There are kids here, don't you know?
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Your insults are as threatning as telling me that Santa Claus isn't real
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What colour you think is more realistik?
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