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Concept art of the newly discovered Hell Creek dromaeosaur, Dakotaraptor steini.  Personally I call this thing the Dragon Slayer.  Our team is super excited to implement this amazing discovery into Saurian and what implications it has for our environment.  This thing is literally the exact size for a Jurassic Park raptor comparison by the way guys.  Imagine getting into tussles with this ghost of Hell Creek as a juvie rex.  There may exist a featherless base I made to try feather layouts on top of, but you only get to see it if you know the password.  Size and proportions based on an earlier revision of the publication and may be subject to change.

Read the blog post here.

And the paper here:

The first giant raptor (Theropoda: Dromaeosauridae) from the Hell Creek Formation

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Photoshop CS5: A day and a half, went through a lot of concepts
Dakotaraptor Design©Urvogel Games LLC
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i love saurian models! always so accurate always so beautiful

too bad the game is dead now :(

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The game is about to release its biggest update yet

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really? is there any information about that?

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I like that you gave it feathery feet like a snowy owl.
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Wish there were more Skins for this Dino besides the bald Eagle skin 
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I believe it is based on the peregrine falcon or the osprey.

I heard it was the falcon.
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Its not a bald eagle. 
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Hello.  I love your crafts.  It's amazing how you made a bird into a dinosaur.  What I also like is how you made a beak look like a mammal's mouth.  It looks like it can eat easier that way, and that tail... I never seen anything like that before.  I give you all props.  Great work.  Keep it up. :)
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That's what they looked like lol
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I know this is late, but he didn’t invent anything. This is what the animal really looked like (roughly.)
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This is still my favorite depiction of any raptor. Brilliant work as usual!!
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Heh, the human figure is Bakker isn't it?
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Great job as always, RJ! This is great for references, and i love it. Keep up the good work!
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His head looks like it has some kookaburra colours!
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I would love to see some more vivid or even alien colors, like something you don't even see on birds, or that you see sometimes on bird, but some cool colors, like a light purple or even pink/red or blue, something a bit crazy would be really cool, love how real and believable this one looks ! 
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this is not real all creatures that hunt have their own camouflage purple doesn't help you blend in with the environment and the prey would see it coming from distance so we only have natural colors here that helps the animal

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I'm pretty sure 'alien' colours should be restricted to the neck pouches of male Sauropods... And all Cambrian creatures.
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This color scheme kinda looks like a lammergeier. i love how many dinosaur color schemes there are based off of lammergeyers c:
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it's based off ospreys and northern goshawks
May I ask if the current Dakotaraptor gameplay follows the description in the website (unable to run significantly for extended periods and relying on ambush)?
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