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Saurian Concept Art

By arvalis
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I am extremely happy to show you some of my concept work done for Saurian.  Saurian is an upcoming game where you get to play as the dinosaurs of Hell Creek 66 million years ago.  The goal of the game is to make everything as scientifically accurate as possible.  I have never met people that know more about dinosaurs than this team and I am very grateful to be a part of such an awesome project.  I encourage you guys to check it out.  In order from top to bottom they are T. rex, Denversaurus, Champsosaurus, Mosasaurus color variations, and Pachycephalosaurus.

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Dinosaur Work
Fluffy Rex by arvalis Chunky Spino by arvalis Saurian-Quetzalcoatlus by arvalis

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the t rex looks good but the only bad thing is that it looks like with vulture and normally no animals look with each other when they are not subspecies there is no other bird for example with the display sack of a male fregate bird if the coat of feathers was different shaped it would have been better and if the coat was smaller and with more area between the feathers but if you ignore the shape of the coat its epic and the mosasaurus is amazing but it's color is inaccurate scientists studied the creature and found out that the top was dark colored and the underside more lighter like an orca or a shark so it can camouflage better both from under view and top view

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this makes me happy

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No offense but I strongly dislike the Champsosaurus design. The iguana-like spines and non-webbed feet don't jell with the real animal.
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Is there any real evidence that says an adult T-rex had feathers?
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Amazing work ! I love all your arts, mostly dinosaurs and pokemon. They're always very good.
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im sorry, but you missed the color on the mosasaurs. when scientists studied fossilized skin cells of mosasaurs, it shows that they were black and had a white underbelly and other patterns, similar to modern day dolphins.
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They can do that now?
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......??????? that might have just been a plan. 
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I thought cells and meat stuff rot and stuff?
Give me a sauce bro!

The coloring works well as a deep sea predator though, white underneath and dark blue above would make it hard to spot by prey.
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and if you think its fake, Trey the Explainer ( Or aGentlemanScientist even has an entire video on it here:
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I highly doubt all mosasaurs were black in coloration. Coloration greatly varies in animals and just because one species was black that doesn't mean all related organisms were too
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no. but i think they could also come in shades of gray, blue, or maybe have different colorations like dolphins had. some might have even been brown in color. I'm sorry if i put it in the wrong way, but the one i think would be accurate is the one closest to the top. It has colors of beige, as some dolphins like the Risso's Dolphin had.
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No disbelief, most deep sea animals are like that...

I'd prefer to avoid Trey though, he gets really intense and boasty about inaccuracies and stuff
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I'm not boasty I just care about the truth.
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Oh shit!
How did you find me!?

No disrespect...
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You work for their team?
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Hey, because you want saurian to be accurate, mosasaurus was not green, not blue, not brown, not red. Mosasaurus looked just like an orca in color and had scales on some parts of its body, same with tylosaurus if you ever added it to the game :) i am saying this because of a new discovery of the fossil's melanine and i really love the game and its concept art. I'd love it even more if it had an orca mosasaur! I am not saying this just because it is a cool color, but also because trey the explainer, someone who you probably know, explained that mosasaurus was black and white according to a new fossil study. I can not assure that he is right, but, i can assure that scientists are. It would be really nice if you looked at that issue too with the other developers and paleontologists that you work with and maybe told me if it is right! If it was, you could change the colors too!
Sorry for the long comment...
Someone curious
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Unless you are already working on it...?
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I think they scrapped these designs, so yes, they are working on it I think.
Though Mosasaurus probably had a colour scheme more like a great white than an orca, it's called countershading
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Will they still have Mosasaurus in the game? I never realized that actually...even though I heard it here and there
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I don't know it either...but I suppose so?
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