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Commission for :icongifted-monster:

I thought it would be cool to portray Reshiram as sort a proto-bird. Maybe as like an ancestor to Ho-oh is what I was thinking. He has been adorned with silver bangles which he was worshipped by. He is considerably less mammalian than you may be accustomed to, but I thought it would look strange if I threw a goat head on a dinosaur bird body. Alternative title for the paleo art aficionados could be Macroraptor

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PhotoshopCS3: 8-10 hours
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Funny because I've always seen Reshiram as a velociraptor-like Pokemon. Though, he would've also looked cool if he looked a bit like Haku from Spirited Away.

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mega ultra chicken

he is legend

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got them stinky pits XD

(this is a joke .-. your work is amzing)

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How does N feel about this comment?

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That's a big beaming birdie!

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Think you can do Zekrom too?
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This looks amazing!! I can feel the power from the legendary, and I love it! 
The feathery touch really fits Reshiram perfectly, and I really like how you made this. 
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I can picture a realistic N riding this thing's back and i love it
GoyangiStudios32's avatar

N doesn't need to be realistic

it's anivce swan i will fave it

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What have you done to my baby!? That doesn't look anything like him anymore!
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This has to be the best piece of art on the internet, I swear. 
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Reshiram, King of the Microraptors!
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Ouaouh, Wonderful, There I like Reshiram !
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Never thought he was very Mammalian he is a dragon/fire type after all.
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Oh Wow Cool! But if what you say is true, what are the visible mammal traits on Reshiram ? I couldn't find them!
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I know this is getting a bit older now, but I still come across it every once in a while and have to stop and admire it because you somehow managed to turn Reshiram, arguably the best dragon of Unova, into something even greater. You really captured its power and elegance, and I love the concept of it being some kind of massive prehistoric bird or raptor. Truly magnificent. 
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I remember seeing your art on a facebook post and loved it! Amazing work!!
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WOW I love reshiram and I have white 2 to prove it this is awesome!
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