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Realistic Pokemon-Season 1



All of the Pokemon featured in the first season of my Realistic Pokemon series. This was my plan all along, since they are all to scale with the same figure; they are all to scale with one another here. I made this as a print to sell at Fanime 2013 and to be included in my realistic Pokemon art book. I will be announcing where to order the book in the coming days. Until then, enjoy.

More Realistic Pokemon
-Bulbasaur- by arvalis -Charizard- by arvalis -Blastoise- by arvalis -Dragonite- by arvalis -Arcanine- by arvalis -Eevee- by arvalis
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A guide to the Pokemon seen here for information:

Bulbasaur (001; Seed Pokemon; Grass/Poison type)

Ivysaur (002; Seed Pokemon; Grass/Poison type)

Venusaur (003; Seed Pokemon; Grass/Poison type)

Charmander (004; Lizard Pokemon; Fire type)

Charmeleon (005; Flame Pokemon; Fire type)

Charizard (006; Flame Pokemon; Fire/Flying type)

Squirtle (007; Tiny Turtle Pokemon; Water type)

Wartortle (008; Turtle Pokemon; Water type)

Blastoise (009; Shellfish Pokemon; Water type)

Caterpie (010; Worm Pokemon; Bug type)

Rattata (019; Mouse Pokemon; Normal type)

Pikachu (025; Mouse Pokemon; Electric type)

Nidoran Female (029; Poison Pin Pokemon; Poison type)

Nidoran Male (032; Poison Pin Pokemon; Poison type)

Nidoking (034; Drill Pokemon; Poison/Ground type)

Zubat (041; Bat Pokemon; Poison/Flying type)

Diglett (050; Mole Pokemon; Ground type)

Growlithe (058; Puppy Pokemon; Fire type)

Arcanine (059; Legendary Pokemon; Fire type)

Geodude (074; Rock Pokemon; Rock/Ground type)

Shellder (090; Bivalve Pokemon; Water type)

Gastly (092; Gas Pokemon; Ghost/Poison type)

Haunter (093; Gas Pokemon; Ghost/Poison type)

Gengar (094; Shadow Pokemon; Ghost/Poison type)

Krabby (098; River Crab Pokemon; Water type)

Staryu (Star Shape Pokemon; Water type)

Scyther (123; Mantis Pokemon; Bug/Flying type)

Magmar (126; Spitfire Pokemon; Fire type)

Magikarp (129; Fish Pokemon; Water type)

Ditto (132; Transform Pokemon; Normal type)

Eevee (133; Evolution Pokemon; Normal type)

Vaporeon (134; Bubble Jet Pokemon; Water type)

Jolteon (135; Lightning Pokemon; Electric type)

Flareon (136; Flame Pokemon; Fire type)

Dratini (147; Dragon Pokemon; Dragon type)

Dragonair (148; Dragon Pokemon; Dragon type)

Dragonite (149; Dragon Pokemon; Dragon/Flying type)

Mewtwo (150; Genetic Pokemon; Psychic type)

Mew (151; New Species Pokemon; Psychic type)

Natu (177; Tiny Bird Pokemon; Psychic/Flying type)

Xatu (178; Mystic Pokemon; Psychic/Flying type)

Espeon (196; Sun Pokemon; Psychic type)

Umbreon (197; Moonlight Pokemon; Dark type)

Murkrow (198; Darkness Pokemon; Dark/Flying type)

Slugma (218; Lava Pokemon; Fire type)

Magcargo (219; Lava Pokemon; Fire/Rock type)

Magby (240; Live Coal Pokemon; Fire type)

Larvitar (246; Rock Skin Pokemon; Rock/Ground type)

Tyranitar (248; Armor Pokemon; Rock/Dark type)

Nincada (290; Trainee Pokemon; Bug/Ground type)

Ninjask (291; Ninja Pokemon; Bug/Flying type)

Aron (304; Iron Armor Pokemon; Steel/Rock type)

Lairon (305; Iron Armor Pokemon; Steel/Rock type)

Aggron (306; Iron Armor Pokemon; Steel/Rock type)

Torkoal (324; Coal Pokemon; Fire type)

Groudon (383; Continent Pokemon; Ground type)

Turtwig (387; Tiny Leaf Pokemon; Grass

Honchkrow (430; Big Boss Pokemon; Dark/Flying type)

Garchomp (445; Mach Pokemon; Dragon/Ground type)

Leafeon (470; Verdant Pokemon; Grass type)

Glaceon (471; Fresh Snow Pokemon; Ice type)

Venipede (543; Centipede Pokemon; Bug/Poison type)

Zorua (570; Tricky Fox Pokemon; Dark type)

Zoroark (571; Illusion Fox Pokemon; Dark type)

Tynamo (602; EleFish Pokemon; Electric type)

Druddigon (621; Cave Pokemon; Dragon type)

Durant (732; Iron Ant Pokemon; Bug/Steel type)

Larvesta (636; Torch Pokemon; Bug/Fire type)

Reshiram (643; Vast White Pokemon; Dragon/Fire type)


Deerling (585; Season Pokemon; Normal/Grass type; Seen on the Druddigon artwork)

These pics are amazing

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would you like to join my new group?

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I always find your work stunning and outright gorgeous. And then I see the animated pieces and think ''showoff,'' but they're always incredible.Heart Heart Heart 
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Awesome as always. I love your realistic pokemon. Hope to meet u one day
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Scyther the velociraptor 
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This is what they would look like if they were in Avatar.
awesome! whos the fuzzy one in the bottom middle?
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Can you give more detail? Otherwise, I assume you're talking about Gengar.
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This person is selling wallets with your image on it:…

Just so you know.
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Can't find them.
Hopefully they got removed.
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I really like Dragonite. Like, he's a big dragon, but he's a really cute dragon somehow.
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He's an axolotl. 
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So awesome. I love your realistic Pokemon works.
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You, sir, are a gifted God.
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I have to admit, your talents on creature designing for your realistic Pokemon remind me of Terryl Whitlatch's work on her own creatures, like the animals and sentient creatures (such as Jar Jar and Sebulba) featured in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. #1 
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This is way better. 
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b**ch please. Can catch us all?
Amazing work!!
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Can i use this if i give credit? This is incredible..
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