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Big gif, give it a second to load!  Commissioned by Mgiceman31

Of all the mythical and legendary Pokemon, Rayquaza remains one of the most enigmatic.  The amount of Rayquaza sightings could be counted on one hand until eleven years ago when a Rayquaza took roost in an abandoned tower on a small island off the coast of Hoenn.  Before it departed its lair, scientists were able to to study the mightiest of serpents.  It was discovered that this Rayquaza specimen was bedeviled by numerous parasitic Emolga.  What was most fascinating about this find is that Emolga are not endemic to Hoenn and therefore it is presumed that these small Pokemon were carried on the back of Rayquaza into the region.  One scientist observed the perturbed Rayquaza try to shake an Emolga from its hide only to be shocked into submission.   Rayquaza exhibits mysterious bioluminescence, which he initiated just before trying to attack an Emolga.  It is currently unknown how Rayquaza attains lift, it appears to slither through the clouds.  Perhaps it farts like a jet engine, however this is pure conjecture.

Pidgeot, most famously from the Kanto region, is a large predatory flying Pokemon.  Young Pidgeots, Pidgeys, have little natural predators, so it is not uncommon for fields to become overrun with them.  As a Pidgey matures it greatly increases in size, becoming an apex hunter.  There is not many Pokemon within their range that are safe from their talons.  Pidgeots are aggressively territorial, some stories even claim Pidgeots have killed enormous Snorlaxes that approach their territory.  With a haircut like that, I believe them.

Braviary is the national bird Pokemon of Unova.  Unlike Pidgeots, Braviaries do not claim and defend a territory.  Instead Braviary meander through mountain side forests covering great distances over their lifetimes.  Braviary is one of the more daunting bird Pokemon in the skies, though it is not very agile.  As seen here Braviary has been attacked by an irate Pidgeot.  Though Braviary possesses superior strength and larger talons, Pidgeots excel in blitzkrieg strikes which has taken the Braviary by surprise.

Skarmory is an extraordinarily hardy Pokemon.  It is commonly known as the "steel bird", however this is a bit of a misnomer as it isn't actually made of steel but instead possesses a shimmering silver plumage.  Skarmory has evolved very little since the time of Tyrantrum, as it had no reason to evolve further being that it had already reached the peak of evolutionary success.  I mean you could kick the thing in the side and it doesnt fall over; its a tank.

Talonflame is the fastest of all bird Pokemon.  It reaches such speeds by tucking its wings in to create a divebomb position.  There is little else in the skies that can outrun the bravebird of a Talonflame.  As a result of its extraordinary speed Talonflame has become very popular with hipster trainers.  Little known trivia: Talonflame was given its name by a small child because only such a mind would think that name is a good idea.

Altaria is quite the oddity.  Its appearance would have one believe that is a plump little bird, however beneath the fluffy plumage beats the mighty heart of a dragon.  From its small beak it is capable of unleashing a torrent of dragon breath capable of decimating a small building.  Talonflame is new to the region has no idea who it decided to pick a fight with.


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i cant belive emolga is fucking dead

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Flying snake has a whole new meaning.

(There's a type of snake that can glide, and it's called the flying snake.)

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This is incredible!

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It looks amazing and very terrifying at the same time

PantherKing239's avatar
Question: Was Skarmory influenced by the cassowary? Its head shape and leg structure seem to give off that impression.
TuxedoSuchomimus's avatar

Looks more like a turkey with eagle wings to me.

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is that scarmory? 
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I speculate that Reyquaza is an ancient Gyardos, who want to be flying dragon so much that eventually became this.
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hi big fan of yours would it be possible to ask if you could upload jpg version of this work? (7496x5129) would be awesome if i could observe all the tiny details like the rest of your work 
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Is he based off an green anole?
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More like flying snakes (google it they're real)
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Or a vine snake + basilisk lizard
Noodleteeth's avatar
ohh yeah basilisk lizards are dope
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I wish you made a speed paint of him ;;
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Stupid Emolgas! Why do you have to do that to the lord of the skies!?
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OMG is pidgeot actually as deadly as you say?
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These definitions are the best XD
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(if anyone saw the vine...)

TV: Who's That Pokemon!!!?

Random Dude: ITS PIKACHU!!!!!!!!!!!

TV: it's Rayquaza!!!

Random Dude: ARG F****!
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Super cool! i wish i hade it in real life!
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These 'realistic Pokemon' artworks are absolutely stunning.
Keep up the great work! :)
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i made that noice
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