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I was lucky enough to be asked by Rooster Teeth to do an official illustration of their villain character from RWBY, the Nuckelavee. I thought their design would be a super fun opportunity to do a Frazetta homage to the Death Dealer as the creature takes a similar role in the series. You can check it out on shirts here They also hired an artist to airbrush it on the hood of a car, thats pretty neat. You can check out that video here.

Photoshop CC: 35 hours

The Isle-Magnaraptor by arvalis  Danny the Tiger Owl Griffin by arvalis  -T. rex vs Triceratops- by arvalis  -Alien King- by arvalis 


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This thing was terrifying when I first saw it ;-; I actually had nightmares for daysssss xD

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Would you be interested in having this piece featured in a Death Dealer Homage book? If so please let me know by shooting me a message. I love it and would love to include this in the collection.

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That looks pretty badass

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This thing is by far the best Grimm design the show has ever had.

The first time I watch the fight against the Knuckelavee I was honestly kinda creeped out just mainly because of the noises that the thing makes

This is impressive.

Sike,you thought, this is really impressive.

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Same here.

I´m a fanfiction writer, so maybe I can give this bad boy some more screen time in the future. 
Actually, I totally will. Already did, in fact.
Well, not much, but it´s there.

Anyway, if you ever need something to read, just let me know, I´m always looking for more people to read my stuff and leave comments under it. :)
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Has similiar with this art
FrankFrazetta-The-Death-Dealer-I-1973-463x700 by pedre1234
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Where can I buy a print or poster of this?!!
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You're the person who did the design!!!!!! OMG I bought the shirt asap. I thought one of the staff members did it, you must be so honnard to be asked to do a design that billions of fans will see and possably wear. what an honer. I aspire to have that honer.
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... thank you Celtic and Norse mythology for bringing us THIS monstrosity...
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The Nuckelavee is my favorite Grimm design, hands-down, for just how terrifying and brutal it is. And your work has done it justice in every possible sense of the word.
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The mythological Nuckelavee is really twisted and darkly interesting, one of the most morbidly curious Faerie I've researched. This is a pretty great adaptation!
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Finally got a shirt with this incredible design on it. Absolutely amazing.
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Such a good looking design!
35 hours?!... Master, TEACH ME!
I love the colors of this, the atmosphere and the composition~
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I like how you've recaptured the visible muscles of the mythological Nuckelavee, which were somewhat missing in the show.
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Hold on a fucking minute, that's just Death Dealer.
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Yes, did you read the description?
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