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Pokemonster Hunter-Venusaur


Monster Hunter style Venusaur to go with my Charizard.  I figure he burrows into the forest floor to lure in unsuspecting hunters.  He also has spore pods on his arms that he can shake that randomly afflict hunters with poison, sleep, or paralysis statuses.  Now that Monster Hunter mainline titles seem to be Nintendo exclusives, it would be awesome to get some stuff like this.  I may do Blastoise and armors for these guys if you like them.

Pokemonster Hunter Icons by arvalis  Pokemonster Hunter 3DS Skins by arvalis  Pokemonster Hunter-Charizard by arvalisPokemonster Hunter-Blastoise by arvalis 

Tumblr Art Blog
PhotoshopCS5: 5-6 hours
This Design©RJ Palmer
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Venusaur #003
Seed Pokemon
Ability: Overgrow
Length: 12 m
Weight: 1 ton
The plant blooms when it is absorbing solar energy. It stays on the move to seek sunlight.
Venusaur's Moves:
-Poison Powder: Shakes the spore pods on its arm, releasing a poisonous powder.
-Sleep Powder: Shakes the spore pods on its arm, releasing a sleep-inducing powder.
-Synthesis: When low on health, the plant on its back starts to bloom and absorbs solar energy to regain health.
-Solar Beam: After synthesis, it uses the leftover solar energy and releases a powerful beam of heat.
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awesome and smart design
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Looks like something out of Kong: Skull Island
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Whelp, I could see myself falling for that trap.
'Ohhh... purdy flower.' And that flower tree being the last thing I see.... worth it.
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I'd love to see a switch game of pokemon in this style
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You should do rayquaza, groudon, and chigger. Just to see how it goes.
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also reminds me of zelda. in one game there was these spinning flying creatures
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Awesome design :D
khaleesinotprincess's avatar
brilliant idea , I love this
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Question is, would its weapon have poison, sleep, or paralysis?
The world, may never be able to decide.
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Three versions like the arko bow series!
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Perhaps a base with 3 branching upgrade options with slight appearance variations?
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He could actually fit in the new forest map in monster hunter cross if they added fake mounds + flowers to the map when its their.
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just...effing awesome
rexleigh's avatar
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That's awesome <3

Crossovers like these are fun, and OMG your art is pure epic ;v; 
*feels ashamed spoiling your page with my worthless presence* 
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Have you done meganasium or whatever the stage 2 of chickorita is?
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You'll need more than a pokeball to catch this 'un, I reckon! :o (Eek) 
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U gone need a shock trap and at least 2 or 3 tranquilizer balls to get this fella den you gone carve it up later
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