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Pokemonster Hunter Icons

Some people have been asking me where I got my new avatar, so I thought I'd post it up.  I made my ten favorite Pokemon in the style of Monster Hunter icons when I made my custom 3DS skin, which you can get right here 

I'll have more art soon, been sick for the last week, real nasty stuff.  Only had the energy to sketch, not do any finished work.

Tumblr Art Blog

PhotoshopCS5: dunno
Pokemonster Hunter Icons©RJ Palmer
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What class are they in?

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I’d guess that venasaur is an amphibian, charizard a flying wyvern, pigeot a bird wyvern, tyrantrum a brute wyvern and the legendaries are all elder dragons
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Also aerodactyl and garchomp probably flying wyverns too

Good point. Mewtwo would probably be the smallest elder in existence.

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I love this crossover!
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Don't know how I didn't realize this all those years ago...

But that charizard tail flame is a damn wyvern gem!
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I'm bored, so I'm just gonna list some MH stuff for these

Type: Brute Wyvern  
Subspecies: Goldflower Venusaur  
Armor Set Name: Venusaur Set  
Weapons: Sword and Shield (Venus Blossom), Lance (Venus Spear), Switch Axe (Venus Axe), Insect Glaive (Venus Rod)

Type: Flying Wyvern  
Subspecies: Blackflame Charizard    
Armor Set Name: Charizard Set  
Weapons: Greatsword (Charred Blade), Dual Blades (Charred Claws), Long Sword (Charred Edge), Heavy Bowgun (Charred Bomber)

Type: Bird Wyvern  
Subspecies: Illustrious Pidgeot  
Armor Set Name: Pidgeot Set  
Weapons: Light Bowgun (Featherblaster), Long Sword (Featherduster), Hunting Horn (Featherbell)

Type: Brute Wyvern  
Subspecies: Sub-Zero Tyrantrum  
Armor Set Name: Tyrant Set  
Weapons: Great Sword (Tyrant's Guillotine), Hammer (Tyrant's Maul), Gunlance (Tyrant's Wrath), Charge Blade (Tyrant's Regalia)

Type: Flying Wyvern  
Subspecies: Ironfin Garchomp  
Armor Set Name: Garchomp Set  
Weapons: Long Sword (Sandswimmer Katana), Dual Blades (Sandswimmer Daggers), Bow (Sandswimmer Bow)

Type: Flying Wyvern  
Subspecies: Amethyst Aerodactyl  
Armor Set Name: Primal Set  
Weapons: Great Sword (Primal Wingblade), Sword and Shield (Primal Arms), Dual Blades (Primal Machetes)

Type: ???  
Subspecies: Defective Mewtwo  
Armor Set Name: Genetic Set  
Weapons: Hammer (Gene-Breaker), Gunlance (Gene-Alterer), Insect Glaive (Gene-Manipulator), Light Bowgun (Gene-Blaster)

Type: Elder Dragon  
Subspecies: Heavenly Zapdos
Armor Set Name: Thunderbird Set
Weapons: Long Sword (Thunderbird Naginata), Dual Blades (Thunderbird Razors), Charge Blade (Thunderbird Striker), Bow (Thunderbird Shower)

Type: Elder Dragon
Subspecies: Blackstorm Rayquaza
Armor Set Name: Skylord Set
Weapons: Great Sword (Ozone Reaver), Long Sword (Ozone Edge), Lance (Ozone Piercer), Switch Axe (Ozone Cleaver), Light Bowgun (Ozone Rifle)

Type: Elder Dragon
Subspecies: Walking Jungle Groudon
Armor Set Name: Earthlord Set
Weapons: Hammer (Quakebringer), Gunlance (Quakeblast), Charge Blade (Quakeblade)

Note: Subspecies are based off of Shinies rather than Mega Evoultions as not all of the Pokemon possess Mega Evolutions.
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Just... Amazing...
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more pokemonster hunter!!
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THESE are so amazing~ THank you soo much for showing me these! Now let me gawk in awe for a awhile.
You talented beast you~
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Arvalis do you plan to do more Pokemon in Monster Hunter style? If so may I recommend Noivern?
This reminds me of the four stone tablets from the second episode of the series featuring powerful/legendary Pokemon.
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I wish nintendo or capcom would add these to the monster hunter franchise
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Are you planning on making these ten like u did with the Pokemonster Hunter Charizard, Venusaur, and Blastoise?
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I think he needs to make an MH Mewtwo.
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I love the style! Aztecy.
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The Mewtwo's all like, "Whoa, what'cha lookin' at dude?"
wow!! wow wow wow!!!
this is an awesome concept!!
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Tyrantrum! *heavy breathing*
Wow these are amazing! Do you do requests? I would love to see an Arcanine one!
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I love this Hieroglyphic design! Very clever.
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