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Pokemonster Hunter Enamel Pins

By arvalis
Hey so I finally got these guys up on my store site. The way to get that Bulbasaur pin is to get to $100 and then its tossed in free. If it doesn't automatically get tossed in please let me know, I'm trying new tech.

Get em here…
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These are so great! Good work :)

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Awww I need more money in my life...😭
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Want them but too much shipping cost for France. T_T But great work anyway. 
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Honestly looks like MH icons.
very cool and clever.
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just curious will you be doing all the eevee evolution, expect for glaceon because that one sucks right?
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These actually look pretty good. Odd choice on with the Bulbasaur pin though.

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I've purchased Venusaur and Blastoise. You rock, dood.
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Love that Jolteon!
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Gotta' say, Bulbasaur, Charizard, Blastoise and Mewtwo are my favourites! Mewtwo keeps pulling back my attention though, it's definitely my favourite. <3

Personally, despite the quality and care you've put into these, $15 is too much for just one pin. And I'm very jealous of anyone who can afford the full set, or even just the Bulbasaur. I understand that you gotta' do what you gotta' do, just knowing how much pins cost to manufacture, but also understanding that your name itself is worth a price, I still wish they were a little cheaper :')
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Yeah unfortunately I can't get a way to do a buy 2 get one free deal to work on my site but I offer that deal at conventions. 
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Awesome work mixing Pokemon and Monster Hunter! :D
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Wow. Nice logos Facebook like bullet 
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I'm getting 2 i have a couple of birthdays presents that these are the perfects gifts for. Thanks. 
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Who wants to team up to SLAY EVEEEEE ? ^-^/
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The Bulbasaur one is my favorite; I love how you did these!  Charizard, especially, looks like something straight out of MH.

Edit:  Oh!  Any chance of making these into a line of stickers as well? 
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Is beautifulNod 
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Will buy some next thursday
 Wait. . .  But. . i just want the bulba and Vaporeon ;_;
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Wow! This is fantastic! ^_<
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