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Pokemonster Hunter-Charizard


Been tinkering around with a Monster Hunter version of Charizard.  I ended up with an amalgam of most of my favorite Monster Hunter designs, mostly Rathalos, Fatalis, and Lagiacrus.  I thought it would be totally sweet for his mega evolutions to be subspecies variants akin to Fatalis.  I imagine he uses his explosive tail as a club a lot during the fight.  Maybe I'll draw up some fighting poses for him as well as armor based on this design.  It would be super cool to have a hammer based on his tail I think.  I included his angered versions here as animated fire as a proof of concept.  It would be so freaking cool to see him rear up and roar while fire shoots out the sides of his neck. 

Pokemonster Hunter Icons by arvalis Pokemonster Hunter 3DS Skins by arvalis Pokemonster Hunter-Venusaur by arvalis Pokemonster Hunter-Blastoise by arvalis 

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PhotoshopCS5: done over a few days while being sick
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i love how you portrayed the flames on mega charizard X and Y.

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If this was in a monster hunter game the alternates would be named something like "Midnight Flare Charizard" and "Sky Prince Charizard" or something like that
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Charizard #006
Flame Pokemon
Ability: Blaze
Length: 14 m
Weight: 2 tons
Spits fire that is hot enough to melt boulders. Known to cause forest fires unintentionally.
Charizard's Moves:
-Dragon Tail: Its tail starts to flare up and it slams the hunter with it.
-Air Slash: Flaps its massive wings, causing a powerful blast of wind that slashes at and throws the hunter.
-Smokescreen: Releases smoke from its body, reducing visibility.
-Flamethrower: Opens its mouth and releases fire in a large radius.
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Charizard - Once thought as a mythical creature from a child's story book, the Charizard is normally a peaceful monster, but will become aggressive towards any challengers that intrude on its territory. Initially, the creature will attempt to intimidate its foes by igniting the craters amongst its neck and tail, followed by the swinging of said tail in front of its body. A Charizard's wings can produce powerful winds as a means of throwing off smaller enemies. If tamed, the Hunter will be rewarded with its loyalty and companionship, as the giant will look after its new master.

Charizard (X Subspecies) - These variants of Charizard are said to be much more aggressive towards intruding Hunters or monsters, as they will generally set ablaze anything outside its own kind, especially the Charizard race it looks akin to. It is said that these creatures were once normal Charizards, but hatched in an entirely new, yet for obvious reasons unexplored, environment dubbed Cavern X. Due to the dark home the hatchlings inhabit, their once orange scales gradually turn black and their under bellies blue. While researchers are unsure of the true cause of the changes, no matter the color, the fire any Charizard breathes will incinerate anything caught in the path of the inferno. Should any Hunter try to tame this beast, they must have a complete understanding of the base species first, as the battle tactics of Charizard "X" is primarily the same, but with a lot more brute strength.

Charizard (Y Subspecies) - Rumor has it that a Charizard youngling was abandoned by its parent atop a great mountain top not too recently named Summit Y. Due to the environment, the little babe had two options, starve or adapt. Choosing the latter, the infant, in a sense, "evolved" to suit its new home. The wingspan of this Charizard subspecies is wider and thicker so that, upon diving from its perch, the strong winds will not tear the monster's wings to ribbons. Charizard "Y" also sports wing-like appendages on its forearms to aid its main wings, and upon observation they have been seen utilized as rudders for steering. Often would travellers or passerbys see one or two of these creatures circling the summit, as if they were dancing. These behaviors have been deduced, but not confirmed, to be a means of attracting a mate. This subspecies of Charizard seem to display a higher intellect compared to the base species and the X subspecies. Due to little interaction on its home turf, they show no fear towards Hunters that cross their path, but will attack if necessary. To tame one, a Hunter must spend long hours (of which they will most likely not get back) with the high flying monster, not in combat, but in tandem tranquility. Only when the beast bows its head must the Hunter return the gesture to finalize their bond.
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Absolutely Love this one. Especially how you've got a rage mode version at the bottom half
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Pure Genius. I .. love you. 
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Very impressive!
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Wow , before even seeing the title i was like " That looks like a monster hunter charizard." also. have you seen the possible leaked footage of the monster hunter movie thing?
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I really really love the way you handled the tail flame!!! 

This whole series is great btw! Love the realistic Pokemon stuff. :)
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dude that is damn awesome
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That tail gives me an Uragaan vibe.
Man, this is the coolest one I've seen yet! I'd love to seen more based off this design 
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i like all of them but my is got to be mega charizard X
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i find the alligator jaw looks extreme good
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how come you removed the poster from redbubble?
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Mounting this thing would be such a pain. ;v;
I would fail to defeat this thing, because I'm struggling with a Pink Rathian. -v-'
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So I guess the breakables wil be: Head (x1 a horn, x2 both horns + scar), front claws, tail (sever), wing claws.
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Could you possibly do a Mega Feraligatr design based on Lagiacrus?
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