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Pokemonster Hunter-Blastoise



Finally found a brief moment to finish the Monster Hunter Blastoise I sketched sometime last year to go with my MH Charizard and MH Venusaur.  I like the idea of Blastoise being a super armored Ukanlos style beast.  I would think that it lives in a marsh-like area and when it burrows into the wet land it can fire its cannons at hunters.  Better get your water defense up hunters.


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PhotoshopCS5: 8-10 hours?

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This is just so much epic.
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Blastoise #009
Shellfish Pokemon
Ability: Torrent
Length: 11 m
Weight: 4 tons
A brutal Pokemon with pressurized water jets on its shell. They are used for high speed tackles.
Blastoise's Moves:
-Bulldoze: Blastoise raises its front legs, stomps and breaks the earth in front of it, sending hunters flying.
-Skull Bash: Moves back, then charges at the hunter with its massive skull.
-Aqua Tail: Hits the hunter with its massive and sharp tail. If in water, the range of this attack is increased.
-Hydro Pump: Burrows into the ground and fires several volleys of water from its powerful cannons.
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You should make armors amd weapons for these three giant Pokemonsters
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It looks like the Odibatorasu, which in a nutshell is a red Blastoise with one cannon that fires sand and can fire a sand beam from its mouth
 hunter vs blastoise that will be a tough fight
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And this is entrusted to fucking children!!
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Whoa, that looks like a new world! So much detail, great job! Also, something tells me that these pocket monsters don't fit in your pockets.
(But then again, it's not like very many Pokemon would in the first place.)
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It's like a hybrid of Gamera and Dagahra, awesome!
This is beyond epic. Really great artwork
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Hohhoho, epicness...
Funny enough it brings back Ukanlos flashbacks. My first time hunting it was all alone, simply wanted to test it out, poke it in the face with my bug stick then run away....
Apparently even without planning to beat it alone and being severely under armored with weakness to Ice element....

I poked it to death while running around in circles screaming,' OH GAWD NO!'. ;u; I'm so proud of myself. I must be the best hit&run Huntress evur.
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Will you do more of these soon??
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Really liked this shell design, i've been trying to make a tarrasque design for a project of mine, your work will sure help me into making the format of the shell, ty friend, and keep up with the amazing work! 
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I'd love to see when you're done
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I get more Odibatorasu vibes then Ukanlos.
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You should work for monster hunter
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I mean capcom
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I never really found Pokemon that cool : I was always more of a Digimon fan... but you, Sir, YOU !! You make me love pokemons with your badass realistic work !!
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cool design
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