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Pokemonster Hunter 3DS Skins


Featuring a design inspired by both Monster Hunter and Pokemon, the Pokemonster Hunter 3DS skin provides the extra visual impact that your poor 3DS was sorely lacking.  Made from high quality vinyl, this skin adheres firmly to your 3DS, but is easily removable should you decide to update your look.  The vinyl of the skin makes air bubbles very easy to avoid and smooth out should they occur during application.  Comes in a luxurious matte/satin finish, for only the most well-to-do gamers.

The skin covers both outside and inside your 3DS.  Cover bears a design, the rest of skin is a matte black to not distract from your game.  Comes in both XL and regular sized 3DS formats.  Both Paypal and credit cards are accepted.


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I AM GETTING This.... on my next paycheck. ;u; 
OH Thank you, thank you sooo much for your genius and willing to share your talent in such amazing ways.
Thank you. >...< *le huggles*
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Does this come in regular 3ds? (not xl)
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Yes… thats for the original 3DS, not the new small 3DS.
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Does this skin come in New3DSXL?
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Does this skin come in New3DS ?
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Yes but only for the xl, not the small new 3ds…
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Incredible designs :wow:
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will you be selling these at Fanime this year?
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my friend have that skin
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god this is amazing
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Hey thanks dude!
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This one is awesome!
can I buy one via paypal and how much it cost the shipment in and out of the united states?
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Yes I accept paypal and international shipping is a flat rate of $25
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Any chance of a New 3DS XL skin for MH4U?
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Yeah they are being shipped to me right now. Look forward to news very soon.
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I wanted the N3DS XL MH bundle, but they apparently aren't shipping to where I live. And considering the black and gold colour scheme you made for the 3DS and how beautiful it looks, I couldn't help but decide that'll be my way of making my N3DS special.
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Any chance this design will be updated for the New 3DS XL models coming out this month? I know a lot of people who weren't able to score the MH4U N3DS XL and would probably love one of these for their new system, especially considering how darn reflective the New model is.
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Yeah I will definitely try to get those.  My manufacturer doesnt have the skin templates ready yet.
I wonder I was browsing amazon and came across the "Monster Hunter 4 Special Pack Gore Magala Black 3ds" and its this design but with a couple differences. So did Nintendo rip off your design and just keep all the icons monster hunter related?
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No I made a pokemon parody of the official monster hunter 3ds because they werent gonna release it stateside.
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