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Pokemon 25th - Friendship


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I always really appreciated that Pokemon could bring us together regardless of where we are in our lives. Pokemon has always meant quite a lot to me. It's been an exceptional part of my life starting with Yellow in 1999 all the way to designing them for Detective Pikachu. Happy PokemonDay to everyone!

-Charizard- by arvalis  -Bulbasaur- by arvalis   


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Meloetta irl when??????

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This looks so beautiful.

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Wow I love the art style you did this an.
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very beautifull!! 😍
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would be terrified of them in real life holy:o

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Aww best friends XD But yeah, it's awesome Pokemon has been around for so long!

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Love it, nice RTX on

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Very realistic. I like it!!!!!!

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Amazing personality and detail!

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I love the thorny devil look for the bulbasaur line XD Ahh it's so happy XD

I started with Yellow back in the day as well :)

(I feel old XD)

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Wow, first of all, this looks awesome!!

Second, I never knew Pokรฉmon was about as old as me. I always thought it was way older for some reason.

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Yup! Pokemon was released in Japan in 1995, and America in 1998. =)

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This looks amazing! Took my phone a minute to load the art work cause of all the details! :0
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You made it realistic and cute as well. That bulbas looks really happy.

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