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Pit Griffin


I like the idea of alternative griffin concepts.  I call this a Pit Griffin.  They were bred for fighting in the pits and eventually became naturally featherless/hairless save for a few blood feather-like structures.  They are wildly aggressive and monstrously dangerous, though they have lost the ability for flight.   The large spur talons on the wrists are venomous, however pit griffins are immune to the venom and instead act as very dangerous weapons.  I took a lot of inspiration from the awesome artist Carlo-Arellano.

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Pit Griffin©RJ Palmer
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They look so abused. D: Even MY Griffins have pity! The Silver Quad-Raptor by Dr-XIII
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Since it was bred for fighting and not flying wouldn't it be more beneficial to breed it to have atrophied wings that way they didn't get in the way or at least evolves claws so that they too could be used for fighting? It feels like the risk of them breaking in a brawl is a huge weakness.
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this is a really cool design...
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I feel so sorry for it. What happen to the knight? Looks like he got bitten in the groin.
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"Tis just a fleshwound"
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Well that's a relief 
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There's a description in an unpublished novel of mine of a baby gryphon hatching from an egg with bald wings and a bald head, inspired by seeing baby birds and how awkward and horrifying they look before they feather out.  This speaks to me - It's always interesting to see glorious feathered creatures stripped down to naked.   No fuzz on him, either.  Must be warm in the pits.  
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Heh, interesting design.
This looks more like a Keythong than a "true" Griffin.
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I do not have any points, but can you create a griffin for me? Like one in chains or something. Thanks!
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Just so you know, Arvalis is a professional artist who makes a living off of his paintings and artwork. He charges several hundred dollars for completed images. Asking for him to create free art of whatever you want is pretty disrespectful, presumptuous and wouldn't approach a professional movie director and ask "Can you make a movie about unicorns for me? Like one with sparkles or something. Thanks!" and expect them to start doing it for you.

In the future, if you want artwork from an artist, try to see if they have commission information listed in a journal. If they dont, send them a note and ask. These are real people spending real hours to create content and asking them to do that without any for of reimbursement belittles artists as a whole.
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Oh, I'm terribly sorry I didn't know. Please disregard the message.
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Thank you for being so understanding :] Have a great evening!
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It couldn't be said better. :)
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get away from it holy SHIT
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Looks like one of the chickens from kfc xD

Gosh I like this alot!
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.. am I the only one who thinks they are kinda cute..
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This helped me a lot when drawing a featherless bird wing. Thanks!
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Glad I could help
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Would a Pit Griffin have stronger talons or a stronger beak?
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How do you think gryphon would work in real life? I mean scientist have already a chicken with four wings(two pairs) a couple years ago, so it wouldn't be a stretch as science advances to someday genetically engineer an animal that is a chimera of both lions and birds of prey.
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Mmm, free range chicken T w,T
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