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Nidoking was always a pretty cool looking pokemon, though I never used him in a game until I played FireRed last year. This Nidoking here is grumpy because he has been left with the kids. There is also a mischievous Pikachu that has taken advantage of the Nidoking's colorblindness and snuck its way into the family. You can see the process recording over at My Livestream Channel

Other Realistic Pokemon
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PhotoshopCS3: 8-10 hours
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noooooooooooo pikichu ""X''D

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I wish detective Pikachu looked like this instead of the stuffed animal they went with... (Ps. Congrats, I heard you worked on it)
I don't think we want an actual rat as pikachu
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Why are these realistic Pokemon art so popular? Real life animals are cool but we take them for granted. We need the right perspective to look at something, even a little rodent, to find it exciting and cute again. I think this Pokemon movie could've done something legitimately unique. 

They wanted to keep the original design for the pokemons dumbass

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Obviously, but I think they looked too cartoony by just texturing the original designs, and think this style would've been far more interesting as pokemon on the "real world". Thanks for the rude response, asshole

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What's it based on? I see a rhino and a porcupine
It looks good except for the further arm. It looks low quality.
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That is because of the shadow effect.
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I like your drawing style
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PMD Pikachu Icon 2:iconsaysplz:I'm the good child!
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This is so fucking fabulous!
nidoking is my fav pokemon!
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This is so fucking fabulous!
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awesome! totally love it! Love 
what animals did you use to design Pikachu? I'm writing a story and this information would help a lot! Cubone/Marowak woud too.
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If I was out catching pokemon, I would run away if I saw this. 
what's a king without his queen.
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Nidoking is now a groundsloth
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