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Illustration done for the new Ancient Greece themed card game, Monstrous.  I was invited to work on creature illustrations for this project along with several other extremely skilled illustrators including JohnSilva , TheRafa , Jarow , and jbrown67Its now up on Kickstarter, if you could check it out that would be super cool of you.

Monstrous Illustrations

-Hydra- by arvalis -Hellhound- by arvalis -Dragon- by arvalis 

PhotoshopCS5: a few days
Dragon Illustration©Secret Base Games
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Majestic and frightening, both at once.

Just amazing.
Purely got an account to Login and say how great this is!
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Wow thanks for that dude!
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I found this image when looking through the fan-wiki for the pen and paper game The Dark Eye, and just wanted to tell you that this looks amazing.
Can´t wait to finally convince my DM to let me make a mentally unstable dark mage who specializes in making chimeras. Just imagine a dude riding one of those into town...
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Holy Shoot! Awesome work! Most epic and badass Manticore, which I seen Ba-Ba-Ba-Boom, Baby!
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i'm planning on Drawing a manticore on my YouTube channel and this will be a great reference photo! I'm so glad i found it and if you want i can give you credit in the description sins your picture was a great inspirationHeart Heart Heart 
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This is very fantastic.:o (Eek) 
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This is absolutely amazing! :D I love the way you did the scales, and how the face has a few human features while still being mostly lion-like. The whole design goes together really well (especially for a hybrid creature like this). Great job!
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I wish there were more movies with Manticores in them. It such an epic creature. This is fantastic.
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Gotta love a classic!
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I'm not gonna lie, this is definitely me when I wake up in the morning 
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Jesus christ man are you okay
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Yes, we all know the legendary beast was supposed to have a human face, but I see more than I want of those every day!  I prefer my Manties more lion-y.  Epic portrait!
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i love it you are a very nice painter 
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My goodness, you have no idea how much I love this piece. Now that I've joined I had to track you down and give you props for it.

Plus I love Manticores.
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Your work is incredible. This is the type of fantasy and sci fi  I wish to attain.  
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I sincerely apologize for the constant favorite 'spam', lmao.
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Wow, this is a Manticore! He surely can ruin a hero's day
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That's pretty awesome!
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