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Commissioned by mgiceman31

Lugia are very rare and very ancient species of Pokemon.  They have been seen only briefly a handful of times in written history until recent when one was successful captured.  Though Lugia have only been seen in the wild in the ocean and deep oceanic cave systems, they have in fact been identified as having great psychic abilities.  There have long been myths of seeing a Lugia flying over the sea as a herald of a mighty storm.  Upon study of the caught Lugia, it would appear that there may be some truth to these myths as Lugia may actually use psychokinesis to hover above the sea even if the cause of this behavior remains unknown.  Though they are extremely powerful swimmers, they can move on land with surprising mobility sliding on their belly quite hastily.  Like other advanced psychic Pokemon, Lugia will occasionally make contact with humans via telepathy.  However, these telepathic messages are mostly dick and fart jokes, real mature, Lugia.

A common denizen of coral reefs the world over is Corsola.  Corsola is a large, ugly fish with many fleshy protrusions that appear to mimic the coral of there surroundings.  Though they can come in a variety of colors, by far the most common is a salmon pink.  Though mostly harmless, Corsola have very venomous spines on their dorsal fin which can inflict a toxic sting.

Like Corsola, Seadra also possess venomous spines, however they have many more and are much more aggressive. Though not very good swimmers, they can expel high pressure streams of waters from their mouth and propel themselves backwards with some haste.  They have also been known to "ink" by squirting their black digestive fluids from their mouth to create a cloud of darkness by which they can escape harm.

Luvdiscs are a common tropical fish Pokemon.  They are all together unremarkable aside from one very important aspect; their scales.  Luvdisc possess heart shaped scales that glisten with some luminosity.  These scales are highly treasured by older people who have left society to pursue silly things like heart scales.

Claunchers are a newer find to science.  Unlike their relatives, Crawdaunt, Claunchers are exclusively found in salt water.  They possess a unique claw mechanism that can fire a cavitation bubble at their prey.  The pressure from this attack is enough to kill smaller sea faring Pokemon.  Though they have rarely been observed, Claunchers can grow to a massive size, though most of this size is in their pistol-like claw.

Another common site in tropical waters are Mantines.  These large cousins of Sharpedo are very docile and quite friendly with divers.  They often harbor one or two Remoraids.  However it has been discovered that some of these Remoraid are not what they appear.  As many as 40% of Remoraids found on Mantines are in fact juvenile Octillery.  They use their tentacles to form the shape of a Remoraid, effectively mimicking one for the safety of the large Mantine.  Once they grow large enough they drop away to become the Octillery we know.

Qwilfish is small spiny fish.  It is highly poisonous, but unlike Corsola and Seadra, its toxins are not secreted through the spines that cover its body.  It's poison is inside its body, effectively killing most Pokemon that try their hand at eating it.  This brave Qwilfish may not win the battle with Lugia, but it will win the war.  Aside from the horrible upset stomach Lugia is certain to receive, those spikes probably wont come out as easily as they go down.


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vehicularmanslaater's avatar

i realy like this depiction of corsola as a frogfish

GoyangiStudios32's avatar

Glad to see Lugia portrayed as a reptile :)

AjDrawer's avatar

Not sure about the mouth. I always thought Lugia's mouth would be closer to bird like beak like Rathalos...

Minor complaint. This get 9.9/10 from me!!

ArcticwolfxXx's avatar

he about to get a mouthfull of spikes

Jackfrost-300-truefr's avatar
Holy crack if I see that flying above me id duck and cover
Macaronin007's avatar
I think this is an interesting take of Lugia without the more "bird-like" aspects. Your design really brings out the more ocean-dwelling characteristic!

Hmm, I thought not using the feathers/bird features was a personal design choice on your part, but in reading older comments, you seem to believe Lugia doesn't have feathers? The Gold Wing and Silver Wing items are feathers. The Japanese is "Gin-iro no Hane", which is basically "Silver-colored Feather". "Hane" can mean either "Wing" or "Feather" depending on context, and the translation team either made a fail move or just wanted a shorter name. I don't know, they've made odd decisions before. (Hey, no one is perfect, right?)

And for further clarification, from the games themselves in describing the Silver Wing:
* GS: "A strange, silver-colored feather."
* Later games: "A strange, silvery feather that sparkles."

I still think the design choice to do without looks cool, since I've always wondered why Lugia was made bird-like, in priority to the point where it isn't a Water-type despite it being the guardian of the seas. But I guess Game Freak really wanted 2 birds, one for each tower in Ecruteak. (Though I find it a stretch to call Lugia a "bird", being more in a "bird-like dino" category.) That said, I wonder how your take on Lugia would change if you did keep the feathered aspect in mind.
Beto1207's avatar
Its flippres reminds me a Carettochelys insculpta!
redfredrick's avatar
I love what you did with luvdisc...its one of the few pokemon that actually looks better realistic..
arvalis's avatar

luvdisc is charming

redfredrick's avatar
sure is I love your content read most of your art entries lol your venasaur has grown on me lol
Applejack2307's avatar
You are fantastic ! I really want you do to Ho-Oh ! I'm sure it would be beautiful !
MetellaStella's avatar
Now I know why his back looks like this, after looking up soft shell turtles. :D
88y53's avatar
"Although rarely seen by humans, the Lugia posses a truly astonishing vocal range, with the ability to understand and mimic the vocalizations of other species, be it aquatic or terrestrial. This mimicry had lead to some rather egregious rumors that they utilize some form of psychokinesis such as telepathy, but they in fact craft a complex mix of infra and ultrasonic coos that can give off the appearance of unaided speech to the untrained eye. Researchers have fiercely debated the exact evolutionary advantage of such an ability, but some have theorized that it aids in their hunting strategies."
Never would I imagine that Lugia would make dick and fart jokes. But now I can't see it as doing anything else.
redfredrick's avatar
guess lugia is basically a dolphin like creature which would make sense...
Saiyanstrong's avatar
Olmagon's avatar
I’m now more convinced that lugia should be water type. And nice idea explaining a fish becoming an octopus.
I like the juvenile Octillery concept.
Tattletail25's avatar
WilyWeeb's avatar
DanomaruZenon's avatar
I'd love to see what an Aeroblast looked like from that thing but I'd hate to be the TARGET of said Aeroblast!!!
Beto1207's avatar
Wow. Big tortoise. 
I like the design of the wings
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