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Earlier this year I had the opportunity to work on a new book called Monster Sharks: Megalodon and Other Giant Prehistoric Predators of the Deep and got to paint a bunch of fun prehistoric sea critters. 

Next up is Livyatan, the awesome raptorial sperm whale and potential rival of Megalodon. Those teeth are enormous, like the size of energy drink cans. I feel like predatory whales are an under represented creature design inspiration. Every one always thinks of whales as peaceful giants, but man they have some of the biggest teeth, they have like straight up monster teeth. 

-T. rex vs Triceratops- by arvalis Saurian by arvalis Saurian-Thoracosaurus by arvalis Kronosaurus by arvalis 



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This is so lovely!!

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wow,very nice, really cool. really nice and impressive work and paint.

please pay attention that while this gigantic whale with those huge teeth was a potential rival for big meg or megalodon(that could be even very tough for it too!) not just the meg but another creature (at least) was a very tough and potential rival for both livyatan and megalodon too, that one is rhamphosuchus.

YES, yes ,the gigantic gharial like prehistoric crocodile could really challenge them and even could be a serious rival for both.

it could be possible that rhamphosuchus even go to beat the huge whale while maybe the megalodon don't want do it in most of situations.(i don't say that megalodon would escape during battle and face off at all.)but i think strongly that rhamphosuchus could be a much more potiential rival for both(specially for gigantic whale)than waht it seems.

what is you're idea.please tell me about it and i will be glad to know you're answer and idea,and don't forget to draw and paint rhamphosuchus too.

even you can to darw rhamphosuchus and livyathan in a face off with each other.

plus the meg too!!:D :D

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You feel the ocean getting stormier...

Livyatan has awoken!

(Also this whale reminds me of Monstro from Pinocchio.)

Oh and awesome art.:D

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yes,exactly. i am completely agree with you, in fact monstro from pinocchio could be the last livyatan that appear there, i remember that monstro was so close to livyatan that it could be one of the last subspecies of it.

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Yup, in the movie he looks like a mix between an sperm whale and blue whale.

  • Sperm Whale cause of the head shape.

  • Blue Whale due to the large long body.

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Good jesus that thing looks like moby dick
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I think this guy was named after Herman Melville.
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The whale that sank the Essex in 1820
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Magnificent... just.... magnificent
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Yes, this Titan is criminally overshadowed by the way more famous Megalodon by the media.
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It’s not really overshadowed, in fact it’s often (wrongly) claimed as one of the causes of megalodon going extinct.
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From who? I don't recall anyone (or anyone prominent) making claims like that, I often see the reverse happen. And compared to the sheer amount of media Megalodon gets now a days, Livyatan is overshadowed, (or at least underrated).
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At least one French doc, PBS Eons, and a large number of paleo-enthusiasts.

I’ve NEVER seen anyone claim C. Megalodon killed off Livyatan. Only the reverse claim.
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I guess I got that impression from Megalodon fanboys.
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If you can believe it, this scares me more than the Megalodon
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Holy, epically phenomenal! This Ethereal Livyatan Sperm Whale is stunning and The Schools of Fish look incredible. The designs, underwater view, surface, expressions, poses, waves, water, ripples, eyes, fins, heads, dorsal fins, tail fins, outer fins, blowholes, air, mouths, teeth, tongues, sperm whales, interactions, bubbles, sunlight, rays, reflection, hunt, swim, dive, ocean floor, gleam, glow. shadows, transparency, scratches, mist, pod, movement, flow, effects, realisticness, perspective, atmosphere, textures, hues, concept, composition, uniqueness, style, lighting, colors, and other details are also sensational. Amazingly Radical work! :iconfantasticplz:
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Hey Arvalis! I greatly enjoy your artwork :)
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All fear the death-whale!
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The real moby dick
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I did not mean to reply to you, my iPhone is stupid.
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These guys ate whales. And for those who want to know, their full scientific name is Livyatan Melvilli. Named after the Leviathan, an enormous sea monster from the Bible, and the author of Moby Dick, Herman Melville.
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