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Give it a moment to load.  Creature lottery winner from my Patreon.  They wanted this super neat critter called a Leucrotta which is described as “the swiftest of all beasts, about the size of an ass, with a stag’s haunches, a lion’s neck, tail and breast, badger’s head, cloven hoof, mouth opening right back to the ears, and ridges of bone in place of rows of teeth—this animal is reported to imitate the voices of human beings.”  I wanted to try and make it a somewhat believable critter and used it as an exercise in mammal anatomy.

Non-Animated Versions

Creaturelottery Sparky 003 by arvalis Creaturelottery Sparky 002 by arvalis Creaturelottery Sparky 001 by arvalis 

Photoshop CS5: 10-20 hours
Leucrotta Design©RJ Palmer

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Amongst my favorite mythical creatures, it looks so real in this image.

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Feels like it came out of a museum!
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Check out that mohawk.
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Oof This Is So Cool!
ElSqiubbonator's avatar
Size of an ass? Head like a badger? Has hooves? That's a mesonychid if I ever saw one!
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I love it - it's like a bizarrely derived mustelid. Though with hooves I guess it's more likely a creodont.
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You mean a mesonychid
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I was thinking of a badger. But I'll take your word for it.
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I love these things! One of my favorite DnD monsters. I think they're cute! 
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That is awesome! For a second there, I thought the Leucrotta's head looked more like a hyena than a honey badger. But this is still awesome. I love it when artists like you get creative with the details of fantasy and/or sci-fi creatures by taking influence from the anatomy of animals (both living and extinct). Terryl Whitlatch does the same thing with her own creatures. I know I may have already mentioned her in a comment on one of your other pictures, but I thought I'd refresh your memory in case you forgot about me telling you about her.
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Wow, blæret! Very nice :)
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i think the leucrota is actually an enteledon, if you think about it. 
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Beautiful, It looks like a cross between a lion and a wart hog 
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awe-inspiring, fantastic!
myivoways's avatar
Totally freakin' awesome!
TNHawke's avatar
This is just plain NEAT!
Whisperspirit879's avatar
That is so freaking cool! La la la la 
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Okay, so I had opened this in a new tab right, and I saw in the icon it was this grey and black lion thing, but then I looked at it a few mintutes later and it was like a skeleton with meat on it, so I opened it again but not in a new tab, and it was just a skeleton. I was just like
WTF? emoticon +Hero Jaejoong (Emoticon) LEFT then I knew... it was the :illuminati: , but then I was killed 'cause they knew I found em' out.

lol, seriously though, this is some badass shit, love the hooves X3
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One of my favorite beasties!  Amazing job on the anatomy.
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This is magic art.....
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The hooves are awesome!!! :heart:
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