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Learn to Use Complex Scales and Patterns


In this video walkthrough I cover a variety of techniques I use to create a creature design with complex scales and patterns. Intermediate knowledge of photoshop is recommended.

Digital Download, you get:

1080p 1hr 41 min narrated video walkthrough

PSD of image

Final image

3 WIP images

my Tool Presets


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5760x3240px 2.84 MB
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I need help.I have an account to be cancelled on your store and I cant seem to find a way to do so.I paid your your classes but some how money is still being taken from the card.Please help me.
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Please email about the issue 
m0osegirlhunter's avatar
I already did.Did you see it yet.They are charging me for service charge which I did not agree to
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I do not know what you are talking about. Which site are you looking at? Can you get me a screenshot?
m0osegirlhunter's avatar
My dad said he will check his account again.To me I know you will not charge for anything extra.You never did that and Im just "complaining" because of my dad"It maybe coming from somewhere else and my dad is making me blame you for it.OMG what a waste of time about this sorry for all of this "mess" that I created because of my dad.You classes were really great and I am looking to do more.You help me improve on my work and become more inspiring to myself and others
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i use cs6 photoshop is this still worth buying? :{ i really want this but im worried it wont work as im using a different photoshop..
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The tutorials are awesome. I look forward in implementing as much as I can. Question: These Tool presets are only valid for CS5 and up, correct? Would it be possible to get the scale brush that could work with older versions? Specifically CS4? That is the one I liked the most :) Thank you for all the hard work!
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I don't know if there is a way to make tool presets work for older versions.  That's something you'll have to look into.  Let me know if you're successful.
I have heard that if we are to use paypal we need to make sure to not have our physical address selected if the package is digital. Is this correct as far as your payment is concerned? Because I don't get the option for 'no address needed' and my understanding is that you might get in trouble if we have a physical address included.
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I think thats only when you are sending money, when buying stuff from a storefront you should be okay.
bought both. looking forward to watching the tutorials
SupImLoryen's avatar
Wow its so worth it. Thank you for uploading this tutorial :)
Sikkenskit's avatar
oh my gawd THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS! Dancing dummy  Really helpful and inspirational, I totally recommend anyone thats planning on buying this to get it Star! Star! Star! Star! Star!  
stertyy's avatar
i'll keep this in mind
amorousdino's avatar
I just bought it.

Always interested in seeing other people's techniques. O:)
LordCyro's avatar
Bought it some time ago, and it really helped! While I'm not that proud of my my attempt, I learnt lot, so thanks! Think you could do a tutorial where fur is involved? :)
patbunNF's avatar
I bought it :D, thanks for this really good tutorails :D
alexnegrea's avatar
cool tutorial:) make more:D
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