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Commissioned by Mgiceman31

Millennia ago when the planet was deep in the midst of an ice age there was one Pokemon that reigned supreme, the baleful Kyurem.  The mighty dragons were so successful due to their immense size and extraordinary high tolerance for sub zero temperatures.  Enveloped in barbed armor and bearing a quick temper, few Pokemon would ever attempt to take on the imposing Kyurem.  The osteoderms and dermal plates of Kyurem appear somewhat translucent, as if to mimic the impression of ice shards that littered the landscape.  These can be easily broken if too much pressure is applied and as such Kyurem have been known to break pieces off in would be attackers leaving a nasty wound.  Kyurem osteoderm shards fetch very high prices in the modern market as they can be polished to create breath taking jewelry.  Though somewhat abundant in the ice ages, modern warmer climates have led to an extreme decrease in the Kyurem population the world over. There are legends of black Kyurems and white Kyurems, but these are dismissed as stupid so science has ignored them.

Though Kyurems posed an almost insurmountable challenge, there was one Pokemon that would accept the risk should food become scarce, the Raikou.  Ordinarily Raikou lie in wait, covered in grasses or snow with only their bioluminescent tails exposed to attract prey as a glowing blue tail amongst the frozen landscapes prove too interesting to ignore.  Raikou can discharge high voltage electrical pulses from their tips of their saber like canines to deliver a shocking death blow to the throat.  Raikou is now known to be somewhat closely related to Arcanines, although Raikou are incredibly more rare.  This Kyurem was charging an ice beam in anticipation of the attack, this Raikou is getting a blast of minty fresh zest from the puncture wounds.  At least now his breath wont be so atrocious. 

Though the bite of a Raikou usually takes out many Pokemon, it has little effect on Piloswines.  Their matted fur is densely packed with dirt and debris making a killing blow very difficult to achieve.  When Piloswines reach maturity, known as Mamoswines, they only have one natural predator, Kyurem.  However even Kyurems are wary of tackling a full sized Mamoswine with their incredibly dangerous, colossal tusks.  That was then, now domestic mamoswines are raised en masse for hecka big bacon.


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PhotoshopCS5: 35 hours

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hey, did you actually do the art for detective pikachu?

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He did some of the concept art, little of which made it into the actual movie. The giant Torterra were his biggest contribution.

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That's one big chicken : P 
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I kind of want to eat a Mamoswine steak now...
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Wow I love this trex lol it's awesome
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those pigs are so phat and cute
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Gotta love Unova.
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This still greatly annoys me. You didn't even try to incorporate the CANON CUT SCENE

I can already think of a way to do so!

"A recent discovery showed that Kyurem is also a parasite, parasitizing Reshiram and Zekrom. By extending thin, yellow tentacles - which often did not survive the fossilization process - they were able to inject a numbing agent and take over the mind of the dragon. The numbing agent was thought to cause some mutations, forcing the Reshiram or Zekrom to start losing hair and scales and grow plates similar to Kyurem. While few know what a late stage infection looks like, the Champion of Unova who battled Ghetsis has painted a picture of a grotesque, dying creature. Some theorize the mind control could be due to a symbiotic relationship with an ancestor of the fungus that commonly infects Paras in the modern age."


It doesn't ignore canon
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Thats weird 
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Woooow, dude, your realistic Pokemon drawings are INSANE!!! :la: :love:
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somehow you've made an already cool design even better. 
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That’s why kyurem can’t ice punch:those aren’t hands. Also anyone else wondering what mamoswine bacon would be like?
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those be piloswine
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I know,but the description says mamoswines are now mostly for hecka big bacon.
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I mean, one way you could have explained black and white kyurem was that they are close enough genetically to reshiram and zekrom to breed non fertile offspring, but still the joke works too
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design is cool
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Very cool job :) c'mon Raikou !!!
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Absolutely stunning!
New standard for art! How was this done exactly please share mediums software programs etc. Your art work is perfection! 😮🤤🤤🤤😱😧.....Maybe I am not that great at art wow!
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Hey thanks so much for saying that. 
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dont worry they're just playing
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