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Earlier this year I had the opportunity to work on a new book called Monster Sharks: Megalodon and Other Giant Prehistoric Predators of the Deep and got to paint a bunch of fun prehistoric sea critters. I'm starting by posting probably my personal favorite illustration of the bunch, the Kronosaurus. Pliosaurs are an interesting challenge to draw because you really don't get much poseability out of them, they aint got knees or elbows and their body is just an egg. So I had a lot of fun trying to come up with an interesting composition despite their inability to be an animal capable of cool poses. The little pterosaurs he's chasing are Aussiedraco, who let's be fair probably bit off more than it could chew. This piece will also be on display at the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science in October for the Picturing the Past paleoart exhibition. I've got a whole bunch more of these, get excited.

-T. rex vs Triceratops- by arvalis Saurian by arvalis Saurian-Thoracosaurus by arvalis  



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ArgentDandelion Digital Artist

I like the mottled shark pattern.

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RyeLeeSFMStudent Artist

This is the singular best piece of paleoart I've ever seen. How long did you spend on this?

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Wow, that Kronosaurus is MASSIVE, compared to the Pteranodon!

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#the new deviantart is cool

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GateKeeper98Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Can you just not be good for onceomgnoes 
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Ah... this is all I needed for a day
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hannahelizabethhStudent General Artist
cool art :)
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Stand on it guys he's after you. 
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i instinctively just shouted "mosasaur"
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KhandleHobbyist Digital Artist
Well, it isn't.
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You can't lie, majority of prehistoric big fish look fairly similar
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KhandleHobbyist Digital Artist
They're not fish.
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if you couldn't tell, i'm not good with dinos
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KhandleHobbyist Digital Artist

Well then it hurts me to tell you:
They're not dinos, either.
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Fish eat bird eat fish.

Wow, wonderful work. You've made it look cool, predatory and powerful. I almost feel sorry for that pterosaur.

(You're featured on Geekscape of the Day at…, which is where I found your cool art!)
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That's no fish, it's a Kronosaurus
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farhan43Hobbyist General Artist
My favorite marine reptile!!! The texture and the water details are divine!!
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SpitfiresOnIceHobbyist Digital Artist
This is amazing, I love the water and all the details!
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There's always a bigger fish
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