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Kingdom Hearts-Vergil Colors

Well here are the finished colors for Vergil. I think it turned out pretty well, i spent some extra time looking at reference to get the colors to look real authentic. I hope you guys like him.

Kingdom Hearts Conversions Series 1
Link: [link]
Naruto: [link]
Sasuke: [link]
Ike: [link]
Reno: [link]
Ichigo: [link]

Series 2
Zelda: [link]
Dante: [link]
Wolf Link and Midna: [link]

KH Chibis
Link, Naruto, and Sasuke: [link]

Photoshop: 12 hours
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I want him as a boss in KH3!

BTW it's beautiful *3*
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I REALLY wanna see Riku vs Vergil now.
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vergil is my fav and kingdom hearts is my sec fave game, so its cool to see a blend
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I bet this music is fitting:…

classic vergil is one of mah fav chars and this image does him justice
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That music is VERY fitting... AND I LOVE IT.
IdLikeToRubYourBack's avatar
Ah man, this'd be the coolest thing ever
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Vergil's hair is probably my absolute favourite because while it's still him, it's definitely in line with KH's style. 
And of course I favourited this too - one brother cannot be without the other :D 

The boots are also really cool. Random, I know - but those boots seem to have that style in the game, as Ansem's are similar, as well as the OrgXIII's ones. Not sure if that was your intention, but it does give a really cool hint of Vergil's allegiance in the game by his clothing :D 
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Yeah his hair fits perfectly. I think he used Hayner's hair, one of Roxas' friends in twighlight town! you should look it up
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freakin cool bro

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You don't mind if I changed both his and Dante's backgrounds to their father being an Azurian and the two of them being Star Children? [link]
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Even Sehpy can't touch him. Neither can Sora's ultimate.
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good work on Vergil.
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Very nice and all, but I do believe Vergil warrants darker colors. Just my opinion.
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ok... this does not look like a guy who would loose to a duck, dog, and 14 yr. old...said the same thing about Cloud to though
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really nice, i wish didnt fuk up that dmc 4 game, it sucks
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can i draw this 4 my account with credit
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u are really good
"Might controls everything, and without power you can not defend anyone...Let alone yourself" - Vergil's talk to Sora after he kicks his ass at Olympus Colosseum.
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I wish he was in KH :O
EnpressAlkaid1's avatar
If he's a bad guy, Sora is SCREEEEEEEEEWED
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