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Kingdom Hearts-Naruto Colors

See version 2 here: [link]

I actually really like the way this turned out. I changed the konoha symbol to resenble a heart, i thought it was fitting if he were to be in KH. I hope you guys like him too.

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Photoshop CS3: 11 hours
Naruto©Masashi Kishimoto
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Of course a Kingdom Hearts character would wear a sweater over a sweater. I absolutely LOVE that aesthetic! Especially the zippers and belts. And the collar, and the bad-assery exuded by the characters... 
kingdomheartsventus7's avatar
damn this looks LIT!!!!!!
PROtypeM3X's avatar
I came here from the tumblr post about the bootleg kingdom hearts coloring book. all in all not a bad design you got here.
I lost my shit at Vegeta tho.
Lord-Hayati's avatar
so I herd this got bootlegged
StormyArt2003's avatar
damnit....i told sora not to go to Konoha and LOOK WHAT HE DID! HE ABSORBED NARUTO!!!
wow so great. would u mind if i use your art sir ?
ShinanaEvangelian's avatar
Naruto would so be the Sora in Kingdom Hearts. :3
ChesireNeko11's avatar
I wish that they would include Naruto into Kingdom Hearts just to see this there!
Or at least make this Naruto's cannon appearance 
QueenofGames777's avatar
i like it. it's awesome
FantasyRebirth96's avatar
Pretty Awesome Design:)
wintersprings's avatar
Someone captured capturing styles excellently they would be sweet boss fights
Namine24's avatar
A crossover nice
PotentiallyCute's avatar
AAAAAAAH I love these! <3333
Michael-TheFox's avatar
I think I know which KeyBlade Naruto would give Sora. The Tailed Beast Dramaticly Increases Strength and Magic and Gives resistance to all Elemental Attacks.
MeganElise99's avatar
I would love to play as him rather than Sora. (Sora is good, but I think Naruto would be better) :D this is great anyway
ArtTraveller77's avatar
Cool, pretty nice.
Biyakuya's avatar
hey can u make one of hinata hyuga? I think that would be sick if you could :D
this is so sickk! nice job!
MiniiSparkles's avatar
O-O wow that's pretty sick! awesome artwork, love the style! :D
RadicalOne's avatar
i gues you could do it that way
Xehanortrising's avatar
This is extremely epic
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