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Jak and Pals

 These are some concept sketch ideas for my own take on the Jak and Daxter characters. This is the first step towards a final painting, of which im not sure which characters to involve. I do love flut fluts.

Characters from left to right:
Jak, Daxter, Keira, Samos, and Cosmo the Flut Flut

PhotoshopCS3: 5-6 hours
Jak and Daxter©Naughty Dog
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Flut flut is hands down the COOLEST character in Jak and Daxter!
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Please do more Jak and Daxter fan art. Please!
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Did you draw Keira with fingered gloves? 
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Nice! I like the fact that Keira has oil stains on her face and shirt.
Nice touch.
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This is magnificent. How haven't I seen this before now?

You're really talented!

I love the faces, and the colours!
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WAIT. I had faved this sometime ago on another account. But fuck YOU painted that. I love you even more now.
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haha thank you
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This makes me wonder how a semi-realistic metalhead from the 2nd or 3rd part of the series drawn by you would look like. But sadly I don't believe I could afford commissioning you and giving requests is not my attitude. (I dunno, it feels like begging.) So I think I'm gonna try that out myself one day. o: Thanks for inspiring me. xD
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Great shading. You did a good job on the realistic texture. Nice creativity in making the Flut Flut and Daxter more realistic. You did a good job with each character, but I wold like to point out a few things I think you could do to improve them.
Jak- Face doesn't really mach the build of the body. Try looking at the faces of teen track runners for reference; it might help. Also consider spreading the top of his hair a bit more. He kind of looks like one of those troll dolls from the nineties.
Daxter- This image makes him more elf/squirrel. He might look more otsel like if you made his tail and torso more lanky I would again suggest photo reference maybe of an otter and/or weasel. I like his face though.
Keira- I'm glad you didn't make her to skinny, she is a mechanic girl after all. Good job.
Sammos- Too muscular he's a scholar and a old man. He uses more magic and less physical strength. I know he's old but I would like to see his hair a bit fuller.
Flut Flut- I can't think of anything. Awesome
I understand if you don't take my advice. you probably haven't even looked at this image in a while, but I hope I helped a little.
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rough but totally epic drawing :)
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No words to express how I feel.
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This is an awesome take on their design.
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If flut fluts were street legal, I would totally ride one to school every morning... Except to hatch her, I wouldn't shove her off a cliff by accident.
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best picture of all time
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So I'm NOT the only one who played this!!!? :D
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This is really amazing. I'd love to see your rendition of a few Ratchet and Clank characters.
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