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I tried to post this a couple of days ago, but dA seems to be experiencing issues and it wasn't showing up in message centers, hopefully it will this time.
Illustration done for the new Ancient Greece themed card game, Monstrous.  I was invited to work on creature illustrations for this project along with several other extremely skilled illustrators including JohnSilvaTheRafa.  I hope you guys check the game out over here.

Monstrous Illustrations

-Dragon- by arvalis -Hellhound- by arvalis -Manticore- by arvalis 

PhotoshopCS5: a few days
Hydra Illustration©Secret Base Games
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I wanted to give you an idea.

You should draw the Yamata no Orochi, a Japanese Serpentine Yokai with eight snakelike heads and eight snakelike tails. It’s the size of eight hills and eight valleys, its underbelly is blood red. Its only weakness is sake (Japanese rice wine), which once drunk, is vulnerable to having its heads cut off.

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No one, needs that many teeth.
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Freaking awesome!
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Now I want to own a hydra your work is gorgeous to look at
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Your works are looking so lively! I'm amazed! WoW!
Keep it up!
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The fact of Planet-X, the planet of chastisement from the decisive Book as a reminder to the possessors of understanding-minds🔥🔴👇…

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Oh gods oft olymp where is My stygian iron sword?! Thats amazing!!
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aww what a cute wittle snek
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hey, someone is using this for their gross vore fetish Bad Endings Series - Snack for Hydra, and they use it here Goddess vs Hydra
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Thanks for the heads up.  Thats pretty hilarious.
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Hi Arvalis, I was looking for a image of a many-headed monster for a Facebook post. Is a single post for a page I'm starting. I make no money of it. May I get a permission to use this image from you?
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Time to bring the impenetrable skin of a lion, a wooden club, a torch, and my nephew.
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:faint: In awe of this beauty.
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I'd never really considered a moray eel as a base for a hydra, but it really meshes together perfectly!
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As long as I don't have to fight this thing in Darkroot Basin, I'll be fine.
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Ah Hercules, be sure to mind all those teeth on all those heads😂
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Take that you slithery fiend!And that! And that! And that! A-Bleerrrgghh
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Oh god, are those Pharyngeal Jaws?! That's AWESOME!
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