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His Majesty

By arvalis
I think one of the most underutilized themes of Godzilla illustration(Godzillastration) is just the sheer awe it would inspire to see something so massive emerging from the sea. I've had this image idea in my head for months and I finally had the time to do it. It's not supposed to be any one existing Godzilla, it's my own Godzilla design. Even if it is heavily influenced by Shin(the best Godzilla).

Here is the highly technical concept for this design.

Rjpalmer Godzilla Fakemon 001 by arvalis 


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You’re a Shin fan too?! I never thought I’d want to hug a Zombie Kaiju with an awesome design before hearing Who will know, but here we are

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Holy...!!! The art captures the sheer size and power of Godzilla so well! Incredible work!

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Long Live... the King.

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cool legendary shin godzilla


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This is it. No need for an explanation of what “it” is. You already know.
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Wow, this is magnificent.

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Outstanding.This is such a majestic piece of art.

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Bit of Shin, Bit of KOTM, bit of Classic, and bit of Earth. They truly are THE Kaiju.

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He’s so beautiful... *snif* ;w;
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Zillagod is the real godzilla

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I'm not gonna lie, arvalis - I think I felt that same sublime experience you imagined while just staring at this piece. It's a little spooky. Golly, I got goose bumps from this!

Despite being a little frightened, I sincerely enjoyed this one, arvalis.

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If any of y'all have ever listened to Oxygen Destroyer (a black metal band about godzilla), this fits them perfectly
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All hail the King of the Monsters.
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This is incredible!
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I can definitely see Shin's influence. Without it being him. This Godzilla is a lot less deformed.
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cue Godzilla theme
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long live the king
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Simply fantastic! :-o
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