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I'm finally allowed to release this illustration I did for the new Ancient Greece themed card game, Monstrous.  It was a really fun design challenge to merge horned vipers with pitbulls to create this guy.  I hope you guys check the game out over here.

Monstrous Illustrations
-Hydra- by arvalis -Dragon- by arvalis -Manticore- by arvalis 

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PhotoshopCS5: a few days
Dragon Illustration©Secret Base Games
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A church in Bungay, England was invaded by such a monster Killed 2 in congregation. Gouged a door.(The guiude may show you the damage).

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Deep inside all pit bulls is THIS thing.

Test all pit bulls with triggers known to set off killing attacks.

KILL the dog upon its first failure to behave...

Perhaps castration may help, if done in puphood.

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Ah hell yeah! I love hellhounds!
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I like to call that dog Twinbellows.
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I'm not gonna lie, this is definitely me when I'm walkin' fast, faces pass, and I'm home bound  😂😂😂
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In Greek Mythology, Orthus was a two-headed hellhound who is the brother of Cereberus, the more famous three-headed guarddog of Hades. 
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I love all the subtle ways the reptilian anatomy influences the canine. The final product looks like nothing from this world! The multicolored fire makes the whole thing look truly like it came from some other dimension.
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Ancient Greeks surely are the masters of myhtology
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aww it's so cool!
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The Hellhound isn't just a Greek mythical monster. All sorts of cultures across northern Europe have them in their folklore and mythology, such as the Welsh Gwylgi and the English Church Grim. Descriptions vary, though most at least assume them to be black, and pretty much all of them have some vague association with death.

Naturally, the most famous Hellhound, Cerberus, has given many people the assumption that all Greek Hellhounds have three heads, and that they're actually called Cerberus in Greek mythology. So many forget that Cerberus was unique amongst Hellhounds, and that that was his name, not his species. 

They're described as having snakes for a mane, a serpent tail, and lion's claws. Of course, any artist can alter that appearance as they wish. Which is likely what has led to the common idea that Greek Hellhounds are all black furred dogs vaguely resembling rottweilers.

Did I miss anything important about them? Or get anything wrong?
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Cereberus actually had a lesser-known brother known as Orthus. A two-headed hellhound. Given that his brother has snake-main and serpent tale, it is fitting for Orthus to have a reptilian appearance. 
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That's right. I forgot all about Orthus. Not usually important, but considering the image in question, he's arguably the more important one to mention, even above Cerberus.
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Hmm, always thought Hellhounds came from mediaeval mythology. Greek myths had Cerberus and Orthrus.
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you are to amazing this is so freaking awasome
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Marvellous image, great concept. Clear and sharp, with great use of color. That's a monster to fear.
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Beautiful.. goodness gracious! :heart:
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Thats beautiful *^* i love hellhound/cerbrus stuff
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