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Guavern Swift
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Published: April 29, 2012
Javelin's Wyvern 2.0

Now with baby version.

This is the update for Javelin's wyvern mount. This time it is largely modeled after fish eating theropods and crocodilomorphs. When they are taken in to be converted to mounts, a hole is cut in the membrane to facilitate the legs of the rider. This particular variety of mountable wyverns are prized for their regal blue and red coloration. The paddle like tail is used in flight and they are known for taking to the water when they are young.

2010 Version

Other Design Work for my Final

PhotoshopCS3: 5-6 hours
Guavern Swift©RJ Palmer
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Are the Guaverns impeded at all by having their wing membranes carved?
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Kingdom: Animalia (Animals)
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Reptilia (Reptiles)
Order: Squamata
Superfamily: Draconiformes (Dragons)
Family: Wyvernidae
Subfamily: Therowyverninae
Genus: Guavern
Species: Guavern javelis

Guavern Swift / Javelin's Wyvern
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Could you imagine a pterosaur that's agile on land TOO? Holy shit that's be the scariest thing ever.
"Oh no! A massive winged reptile! Good thing we can just hide under this tree and wa... Crap."
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arvalisProfessional Digital Artist
From my understanding azhdarchid pterosaurs were very accomplished ground hunters.  Not unlike marabou storks.
RyRy2057's avatar
Just noticed it's not supposed to be a dinosaur but an actual dragon. XD Still, great art.
Pixionus's avatar
Wyvern, and I think Arvalis is correct about the pterosaurs.
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really like the wyvern design.

Might a horizontal type of saddle be better for this creature, just thinking the hole in the wings might affect its flight mechanics.
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Wow, I wish there was a game with these characters o.o 
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vindurzaHobbyist General Artist
the baby one is so cute
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Wow this looks amazing I wonder if this will be used in a game or mod.
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the-Sinister-oneHobbyist Traditional Artist
Love the art but with those holes in his/her wings would it still be able to fly? Either way awsome job :-)
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SamaelAlighieriStudent Artist
OH my gash its Fu... amazine, i love it you're a genius
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AziriaProfessional General Artist
What texture did you use for the text? c:
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arvalisProfessional Digital Artist
I didnt use a texture for the text?  If you are asking what font it is, I believe its herculanum.
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AziriaProfessional General Artist
Yeah, I worded that a bit wrong. I meant to say font  x')

Thanks :)
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SunimaProfessional General Artist
wow, thats a cool creature 8D
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One of the greatest wyverns ive ever seen.
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meankeithStudent General Artist
Speechless... really inspired in your artworks!
looking forward to have your autograph.... Waaaaaaaa I hope?!
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arvalisProfessional Digital Artist
You can meet me whenever you visit san francisco
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meankeithStudent General Artist
Yay!! I think after 10 years time?? or 3 years time.. LOL (cause I am 15 at the moment) waaaa! smeh.. Looking forward though!!
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I know it doesn't resemble it much, but this creature I made was actually inspired by this particular wyvern.


When I do an actual drawing instead of just the little sketchies, I plan on coloring it something along these lines. It looks quite regal and beautiful, which is exactly what I'm wanting for mine.

Again, thank you for all of the inspiration.
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How much would one of these go for? I could use one...
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MetolGuyStudent Digital Artist
I like the updated color scheme! Wyverns have always been my favorite dragon type, a little more realistic than having to evolve a whole new set of limbs :D I'd love to see more
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TaiusQuinn Digital Artist
I love how if I start going "AWWW ITS SO CUTE" at the baby version, my eyes just start to travel over to the adult version and BAM. Not cute anymore. :XD:
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