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Commission for lazyhuskie

Let it load a second, its a big gif. Wow this one took forever to get done. Tried a lot new here and really wanted to produce something spectacular. I hope you guys enjoy, here is the flavor text:

Groudon is among the very few surviving titans of old. There is thought to currently be only one Groudon left in the wild. There have been many stories claiming that Groudons were so mighty that they could shape continents and clear the skies, these of course are largely exaggerated. Groudon consumes large quantities of rock and digests specific minerals, expelling the remaining rock, super heated by his furnace like stomach, as lava. This has the effect of slightly altering the landscape. Groudon cannot actually cause the sun to super heat the atmosphere like proclaimed, his body produces waves of intense heat to his surroundings leading some to create the myth that he can control the sun. Little is known about their behavior, though its physiology might suggest aside from rock it is equipped to catch enormous fish or whales, as it possesses conical teeth and hook like claws on very powerful arms. The ecosystems in which Groudons have been discovered to once inhabited thrive yielding a very large diversity to the wildlife.

Magmar is the volcanic cousin of the much more common semi-aquatic Golduck. Though Magmars slightly more territorial and volatile than their cousins. There have been many documented attacks from Magmars, often as high as 300 burn victims a year claim to be attacked by a Magmar. Magmar is seen here fleeing the presence of Groudon with its young Magby precariously held by one ankle.

Magcargo and Slugma are terrestrial cephalopods, thought to be close relatives to Gastrodons. They are very common in volcanic cave systems. Though their bodies appear superficial soft and malleable, they can infact withstand and produce extreme temperatures. Slugma have even been seen hiding in plain sight atop a mound of lava. However there is a very rare subspecies with a silver coloration that cannot trick you, even though try really hard; they will always be losers.

Larvesta are the juvenile stage of the very impressive Volcarona. Volcarona are very dangerously near extinction as it can take as long as 59 months to full develop from a Larvesta stage. Larvesta are very large and thus very easy for predators to pick off when they undergo metamorphosis.

Torkoal are thought to be the cause of the severe decline in the Groudon population. Torkoal would move in herds akin to school of Carvanha, able to cleave all meat from a large animal in a very short period. There were migrations of as many as 800,000 Torkoals at one point. However the middle ages saw an end to the over populated Torkoal species as turtle shell soup became extremely popular. The species was depleted to the brink of extinction before it was made illegal to consume turtle shell soup. The Torkoal race is now on the return as their population grows slow and steady. Is this Torkoal the harbinger of this Groudon's demise?

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“A rare subspecies with silver coloration”

You’re talking about Shiny Slugma, right?

Can you make Arceus explain it's all moves please

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Larvesta be like: wt hell

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I love how you made Magmar a duck-billed dinosaur.

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It feel like he should be a half lobster and half dinosaur
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The idea that Torcoal caused Groudon's extinction is really funny to me.
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Wow Groudon is a ton more boorign the Kyogre.
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How do torkoals possibly eat groudons?
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Lol Magmar & Magby As Ducks XD
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I think they’re some kind of feathered theropod dinosaur.
AlfaArtz's avatar
..With Duck Beaks XD
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The face is definitely inspired by a shoebill, which are large waterbirds native to Eastern Africa, related to pelicans.
AlfaArtz's avatar
Yeah, noticed that.
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This is sick as Frick and I love the way it glows!  That's pretty good - Underswap Papyrus 
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I see that silver Slugma back there. 

Smug King Dice Icon 
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lol took me a while
How long have you been drawing?
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Well...fuck my life.

TIL: Pokemon has lava-shitting dinosaurs
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