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Commissioned by ZarxielZerg

Though once thought to be a malevolent spirit, and in some circumstances a demonic dragon, Giratina is in actuality an extremely large arthropod Pokemon.  Only one adult Giratina has even been confirmed by science to exist, however there are many unsubstantiated reports of them near the mouths of caves.  The natural habitat of a Giratina is colloquially known as the distortion world, an exceptionally large, exceptionally deep cavernous pocket of heavy gases.  This environment is where the larval stage, also known as origin forme, grow to gargantuan size.  The heavy gases allow the sizable origin forme to float and almost fly through the dark, vast caverns it calls home.  As the Pokemon matures, over an unknown, but great span of time, it will start to make its way closer and closer to the surface with each passing year.  During this time, six of its poorly developed legs start to gain strength and girth to support the over-sized arthropod outside an environment submerged in dense gases.  It is not known why Giratina seek out the surface, or why it has adapted to mimic the appearance of a dragon.  The leading mind in the field profers that its because dragons are the coolest and no one messes with bad-ass dragons because they are the best.

Vanilluxe is an odd pokemon indeed.  The Pokemon and its kin have been thought by some to appear as an ice cream cone.  More realistically however, this adaptation allows Vanilluxe will bury its cephalothorax in snow or rocks and use its white, bulbous abdomen as camouflage when under threat.  Most of its time is spent suspended in its web waiting for small pokemon to get caught, using their smiling face patterns to intimidate smaller members of its species.  Mature adult Vanilluxe exhibit a straw-like protrusion from their rear, this acts as both a sexual organ and as spigot to release sub-freezing temperature gas, a byproduct of its digestive system.  This gas super cools prey caught in the web, killing them faster and quieter so as to not alert as much attention to themselves and make them abandon their catch.  The infant stage of a Vanilluxe is known as a Vanillite.  Vanilluxes do not mind the presence of their young, though cannibalism has been observed in some particularly aggressive members of the species.

Crobat is the adult stage of infernal and omnipresent pest, Zubat.  These Pokemon are quite uncommon, they require a strong bond with a partner Golbat or trainer.  Having a partner allows them time to grow larger without threat of attack.  As Zubats are so common, many children are given Zubats as baby's first Pokemon.  The problem with owning a Zubat is that they grow very large over a short period of time.  The households that can keep a Golbat are few and unfortunately once the Gobat has a very strong bond with the child, they develop into a Crobat.  Crobats are simply too large and require much upkeep, as a result Crobats are often released into the wild.  Some say the characteristic frown of a Crobat is because its heart was broken by the child it cared for so deeply.


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im pretty sure giratina is supposed to be based on a centipede but i draw the line at insect vaniluxxe

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this animal is impossible one is the oxygen levels insects can't grow this size due to the oxygen levels

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this creature doesnt live on our earth

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Look how you massacred my boy

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awwww i want centipedal satan

go net ball

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I love how you made Vanilluxe a giant spider.

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Not sure why bug-catchers even bother catching caterpillars and cocoons when this thing is available. This is definitely biological justice to one of my favorite legendaries

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The Poke-devil.
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Oh man, and Giratina is one of my favorite Legendaries ever. Seeing this just made me recon
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That light source being beneath it really gives off that creep vibe that I hope you were going for. Really highlights those mandibles.
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God, i hate how this looks... Fuck, everytime i look it gets worse..
Shut it, dumb kid... this is GLORIOUS !
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I hate bug giratina

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dude...thats freaky
MidnightsOblivion's avatar
Mmmh truly nightmare fule
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Aw, Girafina is soooooo cute!
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Ok, now I'm dying to see what a rendition of Arceus would be like in this realistic style, & if it would still hold its god like status in a more realistic setting

I mean all the lengedaries are still basically gods here

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Oh my god he’s beautiful
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