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Commission to the wonderful :iconranchmaker:

Boy this one was tricky. Looking at Gastly, I cracked it, his eyes could be bat ears; then the rest just fell into place design wise. None of the Gastly family are actually ghosts, but have just been claimed to be. Gastly and Haunter on live in caves and empty towers, appearing only at night. Their forms are very hard to make out as they have deceptive camouflage; Gastlies appear to be little more than a head at first glace, though in actuality are a very large poisonous bat. Each member of this family possesses a helium bladder, giving them the ability to float and taking on a ghostly appearance. Gengars do not occur in the wild, they are the result of a trainer taking their haunter to a new region, this results is a radical shift physique. Though Gengars do possess the ability to levitate, they are much heavier than their kin and can only levitate to avoid attacks. Each of them can produce a poisonous cloud by ruffling their fur, releasing dried toxic saliva into the air; though Gastlies seem to do this most commonly. They are hyper carnivores, preying on anything they can find, most commonly their relatives, Zubats. Rattata doesn't like picture day.

Also, happy almost Halloween.

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Gengar is actually based on the chesire cat

KittyCrafterzz1233's avatar

No it's not, he's just a porcupine

ienzo628's avatar

Nice interpretation of Gengar.

MihaiMargineanu's avatar

easily one of the most, if not the most, creative approach to this evolutionary family.

Wonder what Mega Gengar would look like.

Also, "only able to levitate to avoid attacks".

Gen VI: Not anymore.

EpicEmeraldDragon's avatar

Oh man that's smart.

ffejgao's avatar

Regardless of accuracy to source material, they're scary!

Pigeon-Blue's avatar
I love your interpretation of Haunters Hands.
Really cool. I'm not a big fan of Gengar.
But I could live with this version ♥
Jackfrost-300-truefr's avatar
Wow please burn them burn them with FIRE!!
xSamiamrg7x's avatar
No, they aren't weak to fire! 
Y3llowHatMous3's avatar
aw but they're cute!
MadZorua's avatar
I don’t get why people hate on this. The art is so realistic in concept and design.
I assume it’s because they’re not ghosts, but that’s what makes them realistic. Ghosts aren’t real, so they wouldn’t be realistic and therefore he made them into bats(which makes a lot of sense considering they live in dark caves, dark towers, dark forests, and in some cases an abandoned building).
overall this is some top quality Pokemon fanart.
MightyRaptor's avatar

It is kinda tricky figuring out what some pokemon would look like, a good example would be like the eevolution they either look like foxes or cats probably hybrid mix in my thoughts on it.

12monkehs's avatar
>I don’t get why people hate on this.

Its /vp/.
Esha-Nas's avatar
I like the bat angle; it makes them hit home in a way that 'ghosts' or some plasma/energy creature or other excuse wouldn't hit.
electric177's avatar
This really makes you think about how terrifying these would be irl...
Olmagon's avatar
Mega Gengars  Do a realistic version of these!
xSamiamrg7x's avatar
I imagine they could be like captive Gengar that have had their fur grown out into larger tufts. 
mercurialScavenger's avatar
Honestly these look so cool and I don't understand why so many people dislike it? Turning the Gengar line into bats is really creative and refreshing compared to all the other "realistic" versions that are basically copies of each other. 
SoNiCExe125's avatar
Turning them into bats is not realistic. They should have just called it "realistic gengar line as bats" cause they aren't bats! They are GHOSTS! All realistic images look the same cause the pokemon is the same!

It's not refreshing, it's just wrong, and kinda gross. It's like taking pikachu, THE ELECTRIC MOUSE POKEMON, and trying to convince me is a f*ckin dog!
Phantafan's avatar
He draws Pokémon like they would look like in real life. There aren't ghosts in reallife, but there are bats and bats are often linked with horror. In the descriptions stands that in the lore of his realistic Pokémon the Ghastly line is just mistaken to be ghosts.
mercurialScavenger's avatar
well then it's a good thing this is MY opinion of the artwork and not yours right? If you wanna bitch about how "uNrEaLiStIc!111!!!1111" it is then make your own comment instead of trying to argue with someone complimenting the artwork. It IS refreshing because it's ORIGINAL, and literally anything you say will not change my mind nor the artist's mind.                  
 Die mad about it Pikachu Piff Plz 
CJCroen's avatar
Question: What makes it "gross"? I think bat!Gengar looks freaking metal myself (not to mention Gengar in particular looks exactly how I'd personally picture a real life Gengar to look).
Kharasup's avatar
If my giant bat turned into a walking spiky bear Idk if i'd be glad or more afraid.
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