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Here ya go casey, i hope you like this. Sorry that the pose is such trash, but its more of just concept art anyway ;p. Lemme know what ya think of her.

Photoshop CS3: 1.5 hours
Freya© =DreamingRed
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i love her stance, and her gear/costume is awsome concept!
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The pose isn't trash, but indeed something bother me about her legs and her position ^^

Her outfit is really cool and inspired (well, all these belts remind me of Lulu from FFX) ! Though, I'm not sure that the daggers attached to her boot are easily usable... But that looks cool <3

She got a really lovely but also mature expression here... Beautiful.
I guess it's the style which wants it, but she do have big hands/gloves ^^

Oh, and the apple makes me hungry... :)
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Very nice character design. I like all extra knives you added in there : D How're you liking CS3? It kept crashing on me :/ and after 2 unsaved images going all to waste (should have saved more i know :p ) i reverted back to good ol CS2 lol
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haha aint those the Highway man gloves from Fable 2 ?
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oh noes, someone caught my homage lol. Yeah when she was describing her character, she called her a highway woman, szo i thought it would be apropriate.
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hahah yeah big fan of the fable series :D
but the gloves do fit her good and you have done a good job on that painting :D
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Hey this is pretty nice for just an hour love the sketchiness to it:)
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yeah, i like my toned sketch things ive been doing, should do more of them ;p
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yea that be cool, maybe i need to do some myself lol:)
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The belts... XD I love all the belts... A very nice design. =)
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pretty awesome work again as usual. liking this one quite a lot actually. can't help but think of the song by The Sword everytime i hear the name Freya.
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nice concept!
I like it a lot
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she looks pretty cool;)
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omfg, sexy....
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lol Only colouring the eyes?

Looks sweet! I'm liking the corcet of belts you have going there. The knives strapped to her boot is an awesome added touch as well.

..Wish i could be drawing right now.. lol I have stupid English papers to finish. :iconotlplz:
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very noice 8D i like the hair and the general flow of the shirt, they go good together...wish i had a pair of pants that were all stitched together like that lol
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awesome. I love her detail.... Where have i seen that name before?
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The name freya is a norse goddess, its been used everywhere ;p. In gaming, there is a character in ff9 and in valkyrie profile named freya
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ha! that would explain it then... even though I've never played wither of those games before :'[
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This looks sexy, and cool. Well done arvalis again you have blown me away.
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