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Final Fantasy-Rathalos

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As much as I loved the Monster Hunter World and Final Fantasy XIV crossover event, I felt it was a real missed opportunity for crossing the design aesthetics as well. I thought it would be really neat to draw Rathalos in the style of Final Fantasy monster design. I really love the FF summon designs and wanted to play in that design language for a bit. To do this I even went back to the basics and for the first time in 7 years got a real physical pencil out to do the lines. I worked really hard on the lines, boy pencil is much more work than I recalled. I then scanned the piece and did the digital colors. I had a lot of fun with this guy. Let me know if you can spot any of the Final Fantasy influences here~

 The original pencil piece is for sale on EBAY right now.

  Rjpalmer Ebay Los 001 by arvalis  Rjpalmer Ebay Los 004 by arvalis   Rjpalmer Ebay Los 003 by arvalis Rjpalmer Ebay Los 002 by arvalis 



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You took the thoughts right out of my head kupo. I would have loved the actual armor designs to cross over for glamour, but have this FF Rathalos as the monster. Amazing work!

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I for one, think that any hunter that saw this monster would immediately piss their pants
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TwinWolfSisterHobbyist General Artist
DUDE hell ya! 
Could you do a Coeurl as a hunter armor?
Or ifrit as this style?
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AngosturaCartoonistStudent Digital Artist
Beautiful, amazing job!
SleekWingSilverBolt's avatar
SleekWingSilverBoltHobbyist Digital Artist
I love this more than the crossover tbh <3
TwinWolfSister's avatar
TwinWolfSisterHobbyist General Artist
MonsterMasher137's avatar
MonsterMasher137Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Erm... This doesn't feel like a Rathalos. Still looks good, just doesn't feel like a Rathalos.
HerosLegend's avatar
Awesome work!
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I love the way you crossed their design styles
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LindblutProfessional Digital Artist
Ohh great job! It genuinely looks like an official design you could find in one of the FF artbooks! :D
ryujinomega092095's avatar
I hope it becomes a series and gets its own folder!
FantasyRebirth96's avatar
Your art style is so so good! Excellent work here!
Blackvegetable's avatar
Impressive work! Who would win, him or Bahamut? :D
TitaniumUrsa's avatar
Lord Bahamut. Hands down.
Blackvegetable's avatar
No surprise! :D
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KhymerrahApplebiHobbyist Digital Artist
Valefore was always one of my favorite summons from one of my least favorite Final Fantasys, haha.  This really reminded me of him and brought back some nostalgic memories.  Beautiful design, the tail end and exaggerated shape of the wings really sells the FF look.  I love how I was able to easily recognize Rathalos, but still be confused enough, at first, to think that this was totally Final Fantasy related.   Great job!
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StratadrakeHobbyist General Artist
Have to agree here, FFX had some nice designs, and while I was put off by Valefor's design initially, I ended up totally liking it.
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JakeSutton7Hobbyist General Artist
I'm getting more Yu-gi-oh vibes from this piece but honestly it does look the part
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ZodiacBeastHobbyist Digital Artist
Great drawing, the head looks especially terrifying and I couldn't help but laugh at the fact you snuck a Rathalos gem in his crotch plate. 

arvalis's avatar
arvalisProfessional Digital Artist
Yeah man, gotta keep his ruby safe
Bearful's avatar
BearfulProfessional Filmographer
Ohh if you're into FFXIV that's really cool, I just started playing this year and adore this interpretation man!
SkyPotatoFire's avatar
Sweet dragon.
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KittyillustrationsProfessional Digital Artist
this is amazing, I love this you definitely nailed the FF style.
I woulda Love to have fought bahamut in MHW than the behemoth. behemoth bloody hard thou, still haven't been able to beat him XD so even if they did put bahamut in  MHW I still get my arse handed to me XDD
Fate-Darknu-Dragoon's avatar
Fate-Darknu-Dragoon General Artist
Thats epic. I like the mouth and face design, gives it a much deserved intimidating look.
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