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When I was a kid I was fascinated by these long neck fellas. When you're a kid you don't really think about how strange their crazy necks are, only as an adult did I spend any time thinking about it. I came to the conclusion that they likely kept their large bodies out of sight and sidled their toothy little heads on up to groups of fish. Only after doing this painting was I told thats the prevailing theory on the subject. "Whoops, accidentally did alright" is what I hope they put on my gravestone. Overall I'm quite pleased with this piece, it was a fun challenge to figure out a time friendly method of how to paint a school of fish. Those fish are Pachyrhizodus minimus btw. 

Earlier this year I had the opportunity to work on a new book called Monster Sharks: Megalodon and Other Giant Prehistoric Predators of the Deep and got to paint a bunch of fun prehistoric sea critters. 

Kronosaurus by arvalis  Livyatan by arvalis  Tylosaurus by arvalis -T. rex vs Triceratops- by arvalis Tyrannosaurus rex-2018 by arvalis 



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Stunning..... to think all these fellows used to roam the earth.....Wow! 
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The blurred fish make this even better!
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'they put on gravestone'

whos gravestone?
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The artist's gravestone: "on my gravestone."

Fine artwork. :)
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Awesome work. How's things going?
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Amazing piece of work!:clap::wow:
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Look at those chompers! I love how you've done the school of fish :)
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Impressive! Makes me think of Edward Drinker Cope, the guy who put the Elasmosaurus' skull on it's tail!
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I think it's incredible, that even after having been extinct for so many years, this, and many other prehistoric beasts can instill terror in the minds of beings who have never even experienced anything like it. Just it's remains many years after it's death is enough to terrify us
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Love the details, looks so incredible!
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Gorgeous, as always.
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Looks wonderful.
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I was looking at the wrong end, thinking it was its head!
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It’s funny, cause that’s where it’s head was originally place!!!
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Applaud fella (Reactions) 
 BRAVO ! ! !
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Quite impressive
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its funny you mentioned finding a time friendly method for painting a school of fish. i was zooming in and trying to find out how you did it myself haha, did you create a brush or was it more analogue?
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