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My computer is sorta running again. I've had the idea to do an amphibian Dragonite for weeks without the the means to execute it. Upon research I've discovered that Dratini looks suspiciously like a salamander tadpole, everything just fits into place. Pretty much the only time in nature a vaguely serpentine creature transforms into a reptilian looking critter.

The way I was looking at it is that Dragonites are very rare in the wild as it reaches maturity at around 55 years old. They can be trained into maturity much faster than they grow in nature. Dragonites are exceptional swimmer and are very strong ambush predators, using their powerful legs or tail to propel themselves at prey. They often are mistaken for taking flight when really they just jump great heights.

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PhotoshopCS3: 8-10 hours
Dragonite, Dragonair, Dratini©Nintendo
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KAPP27Hobbyist General Artist
Makes sense.
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BrionneJDfangirl13Hobbyist Digital Artist
Looks Creepy But Cute!
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Jackfrost-300-truefrHobbyist Digital Artist
Waterdragons!!! I love how you made dragonite part axotol
R3dL34derD3m0n's avatar
R3dL34derD3m0nHobbyist General Artist
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PrestapodStudent Traditional Artist
Wow,its interesting how Dragonite has the same salamander-like build and body shape as the original design
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Blackbison01Student General Artist
The anime version of the dragonite line look like western style dragons while this interpretation takes more from an eastern style. 
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PureTrash69Hobbyist General Artist
why does this exist
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It’s a more realistic take on Dragonite with inspirational taken from actual animals.

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GOJISAMAHobbyist General Artist
avoid leaving comments like this, it's totally useless
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Woah, I absolutely adore this. Also, it's so cute omg. 
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bittersweet-victoryHobbyist General Artist
Something about that Dragonite makes me smile every time I see them!
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It was a very good idea to represent Dragonite as a salamander, the pre-evolutions coincide with tadpole stages. :D
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Awesome, kinda became the opposite of cute too tho, lol.
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Arent you the one that got hired to animate in the detective pikachu because of this?
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arvalisProfessional Digital Artist

I did concept art for it yes.

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Ah, ok.
Cool 😁
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Are you replacing levels with years? Didn’t take me 55 years to get a dratini into dragonite 
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I love have Dragonair's frog bump represents their snout in the cartoons/games.
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The New Fran Bow Game Looks Epic
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Space-between-spacesHobbyist Traditional Artist
I wanna hug it.
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ezziej2Student Digital Artist
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ha salamander with wings
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JUDDAEUSProfessional Interface Designer
Wow, Majestic creation..
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