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Illustration done for the new Ancient Greece themed card game, Monstrous.  I was invited to work on creature illustrations for this project along with several other extremely skilled illustrators including JohnSilvaTheRafa.  I hope you guys check the game out over here.

Monstrous Illustrations

-Hydra- by arvalis -Hellhound- by arvalis -Manticore- by arvalis 

PhotoshopCS5: a few days
Dragon Illustration©Secret Base Games
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i have been watching a lot of fantastic artists for a while and i have finally found peace. thank you.=P

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Nice composition! I like the blue light/fire coming from the dragons mouth.😆
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Wow, beautiful
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This is truly amazing.
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wow, so much detail. :happybounce: 
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So awesome....If I could draw like this
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how do you do it?!!
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Oh I really like the texture!
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I notice that a lot of fantasy artists tend to interpret their dragons as archosaurs, despite their longstanding association with snakes. What interests me here is the way you played up both of these elements, without either of them getting lost. It could be a crocodile who became a snake, or a snake who became a crocodile.

Also, great touch with the blue flame. The contrast against its red hide is beautiful.
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kinda reminds me of Glaring from the universe of lord of the rings, the first dragon.  I think its in the silmarilion but I could be wrong
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Exquisite attention to detail......!!!😻 Now i feel motivated to l learn🙏...... In the next 30 years😥
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cool dragonHorns =) (Smile) 
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"Will somebody stop this guy from shouting "dragon"?

DRAGON! DRAGON! DRA- *anvil falls and knocks him out.*

"Thank you."
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Dude, you should send these in to Wizards of the Coast as MTG cards. The quality is similar to how they draw their creatures.
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