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-Dinosaur Exodus-

We had to do a noah's ark themed illustration and I wanted to paint some dinosaurs; so this happened. Jokingly rationalized as an alien race called the No'aa with their massive space ship called the Ar'c. Apostrophes make everything exotic right. Painted a ton of dinosaurs here, so at least thats out of my system for a bit. The benevolent aliens are using telepathy to guide the dinosaurs towards the Ar'c site, from there they are lifted into the ship. Its the end of the dinosaur world, but somewhere out there there is a late cretaceous zoo. Did a spinosaurus sketch on my Sketch Blog

Other Dinosaur Work


PhotoshopCS3: 20-30 hours
No'aa's Ar'c©RJ Palmer
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So glad the Spinosaurus is among the dinosaurs that's going to get saved. It's my second favorite dinosaur behind the iconic T-Rex ;)
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A space ark for Dinosaurs?
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Anyone here ever read SM Stirlings Lords Of Creation duology? It's basically about aliens transplanting prehistoric earth species to a terraformed venus.
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Would you ever remake this?
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So benevolent(?) aliens used mind control to convince the dinosaurs to leave the Earth...alright. :p

Love the armor on the No'aa Shepherd, by the way.
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And then: ark survival evolved
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I imagend what if aliens took the dinosaurs.
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This would be great for a graphic novel or something
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de pana de pana! de pana! amooo esta imagen!
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Amazing!! That's freaking crazy that you drew that. Keep up the good work. Maybe one with Ice Age creatures?
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That's very imaginative and awesome, I'm almost jealous I didn't think of it. Probably for the best though, I wouldn't be able to give it the quality it deserves. But I think you dubbled it.
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You know.
This is probably one of my all time favorite paintings relating to dinosaurs.

Honestly, it's even better when listening to the overture of "Pines of Rome" and seeing all the dinosaurs safely carried on to the sky, unknown.

I would say this is a masterpiece!!!
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Woah, before I even read the description I thought I was looking at a hardcore concept of 'We're Back! A Dinosaur Movie'. haha this is awesome though
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Fascinating concept!
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Cool idea and excellent work on the art.
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What!?!!? You did this?! So cooL!
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Nice. Have a whole story based on a similar conept.
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very good art
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