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Dakotaraptor Growth Cycle

By arvalis

Saurian, the dinosaur game I do art for is now on Kickstarter!  I now get to show off the full growth cycle for the first playable dinosaur, Dakotaraptor.  No spoilers, but those youngins have some awfully large wings, I wonder what that could mean for gameplay...

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Photoshop CS5: 7 hours
Pachycephalosaurus Design©Urvogel Games LLC
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Oh my god, the baby Waaaah! Waaaah! Waaaah!  I bet it makes little chirpy noises.
transpaleoartist's avatar
From playing the game, can confirm it does
Byhuldra's avatar
It looks like a giant flightless eagle.
WorkowatyWilczek's avatar
It's wonderful, beautiful and amazing. I just love dromeosauruses and this one is really, really good !
JokerCarnage5's avatar
Adult Dakotaraptor is so badass but the smallest one is adorable. :D
ThatZoologyDude's avatar
Can't wait to play as my favorite dinosaur!
Teleway's avatar
So out of curiosity, how different will the males and females be?
FeatherNerd's avatar
Probably, the males will be darker in color
DieHard300's avatar
I beg to differ, in modern birds the males have always much more vivid colors than the females, while the females have less, darker colors.
FeatherNerd's avatar
Dude, that comment is from 2016, not yesterday
DieHard300's avatar
Well, I have no way to know if you have realized that, so I inform just in case.
jpaugh's avatar
As anyone else noticed the human he used is Dr. Robert Burke from the Lost World: Jurassic Park? Because that's just hilarious.
arvalis's avatar
Probably want to look up the real paleontologist named Robert Bakker...
Wyatt-Andrews-Art's avatar
I love the uncanny resemblance to the actual paleontologist's name. Just makes me wanna slap Horner even more.
jpaugh's avatar
I never knew that character was based off of a real paleontologist. Awesome. TIL.
DovahsaurPaleoKnight's avatar
I smell bald eagles as your inspiration.
Screwyoumimus's avatar
He used osprey, i believe?
DovahsaurPaleoKnight's avatar
I know. PCAwesomeness told me.
arvalis's avatar
You'd be incorrect, as usual.
dovahkinHU3BR's avatar
I am never incorrect.
DovahsaurPaleoKnight's avatar
Wow, such rude.

Good luck treating those who try to be kind like that, idiot.
FredtheDinosaurman's avatar
Lol, you just called him an idiot. So much for 'practice what you preach'.
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