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Last year I was fortunate enough to get the opportunity to work on a dragon book for Scholastic by way of Becker&Mayer Books. I got to take a crack at designing 16 different mythical dragons from all over the world.

This one was one of the earliest I did on the project, the cockatrice. For some reason I've always had a fondness for cockatrices, probably because of how often they showed up in old jrpg's. I wanted to be true to the old depictions of the creature but bring an air of realism to its design. I know the rules about cockatrice eyes turning things to stone are a bit nebulous, but I thought it might be a neat thing if they had to close their eyes when drinking water so they don't turn it to stone. Would be super neat if thats the only time a dragon slayer has a safe chance of taking them out. You know what they say, its easiest to manipulate a cock when its thirsty.

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Photoshop CC: 12 hours
Illustration©Becker&Mayer Books


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I have seen this drawing somewhere in a book. It was stolen. The book is called "Dragons and Other Legendary Creatures". It is by L. J. Tracosas if you want to look for it.