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Chunky Spino

By arvalis
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Been doodling Spinosaurus again after the new findings came out.  The legs are a bit bigger than NatGeo’s version after what Scott Hartman came out with.  Also thought it would be neat if the sail sort of mimicked the look of river debris and dead branches so it could camouflage itself as such when trundling along through the water.

Fluffy Rex by arvalis 

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PhotoshopCS5: 4-5 hours
Spinosaurus Concept©RJ Palmer
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More accurate especially considering the debunked 2014 mess
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So while the T.Rex is an over grown pissed off chicken, the Spino is an over grown pissed off duck....(Spinosaurs is my fave dino)
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-using best M. L. Jackson voice- Honk Honk motherf**ker
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I imagine that not, but  do you import that I make a version in 3D model of your spinosaurus? Of course I will give you credit and link to drawing.
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He's a chunky monkey! ^^ Cute :) *wants to give him belly rubs*
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If you went back in time this would be what the spino would look like!!!!!!!!!! LOVE IT!
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No; it is what Spinosaurus looks like NOW; the 2014 Quadrupedal model is an impossiblity and the legs are reduced; this is the most accurate Spinosaurus model made so far 
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He meant back to the Cretaceous period.
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Uh, no, Cretaceous. Spinosaurus lived in the Cretaceous period, 112-93.5 million years ago, the Jurassic period ends at 145 million years ago. So Spinosaurus lived at least 33 million years after the end of the Jurassic...
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wait... you sure? hang on im going to look that up i always thought they lived in the jurassic.

shit u rite fam
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Comprendo como os sentís, pero creo que la mayoría sabemos en este foro que el Espinosaurio era así; cuadrúpedo y con su vela en forma de doble joroba (algo así como el resultado de una hibridación entre un cocodrilo y un camello).

Según los nuevos descubrimientos el Espinosaurio tenía las patas traseras mas cortas en comparación con las de los demás terópodos como el T-Rex, por lo que sólo podía apoyarse sobre sus patas traseras durante un breve período de tiempo ya que, si intentara permanecer en su postura bípeda, se caería y se rompería su carismática cabeza de cocodrilo. Es por eso que se sabe que usaba sus patas delanteras para apoyarse sobre el suelo. También se sabe que tenía membranas entre los dedos de sus pies, por lo que todo indica que era un dinosaurio semiacuático.

Ya se que a muchos os cuesta aceptar la nueva imagen del Espinosaurio, pero descuidad, os adaptaréis. Si hay una cosa que he aprendido es que, si de verdad amas a los dinosaurios debes adaptarte al cambio por ellos. La paleontología es una de las ciencias mas complejas y cambiantes que existen cuyo mas mínimo descubrimiento puede suponer nuevas teorías revolucionarias. De hecho hasta Hollywood ha aceptado la nueva imagen del Espinosaurio;… Y es muy probable que lo figuren de esta nueva forma en Jurassic World 2. Algún día también aceptarán las plumas del T-Rex y de los Raptores.


I understand how you feel, but I think most of us know in this forum that Spinosaurus was like this; Quadruped and with its candle in the form of a double hump (something like the result of a hybridization between a crocodile and a camel).

According to new discoveries Spinosaurus had shorter hind legs compared to other theropods like T-Rex, so it could only rest on its hind legs for a short period of time since, if it tried to remain in its Biped posture, he would fall and his charismatic crocodile head would break. That is why it is known that he used his front legs to lean on the ground. It is also known to have membranes between the toes, so everything indicates that it was a semi-aquatic dinosaur.

I know that many people find it hard to accept Spinosaurus's new image, but carelessness, you will adapt. If there is one thing I have learned is that if you really love dinosaurs you must adapt to change for them. Paleontology is one of the most complex and changing sciences that exist whose least discovery may be new revolutionary theories. In fact until Hollywood has accepted the Spinosaurus's new image;… And it is very likely that they will feature this new form in Jurassic World 2. Someday they will also accept the feathers of the T-Rex and the Raptors.
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Quadrupedal Spinosaurus is an impossiblity and 2014 model as far as I read fallen out of favor of paleontologists; you should stop believing in inaccurate representations like NatGeo's very unlikely model
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What does it matter now? In these six months, many thighs have passed. I have stopped trusting paleontology as an independent science since as such it can not find absolute truths. It is obvious that it needs more of the interdisciplaneriety than many other biological sciences. The day when the paleontological community can travel through time will end all their hellish debates.
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What does matters is shutting the cult-like ideology known as Tyrannosaurus-fanboys that somehow popping up in almost every page about paleontology & dinosaur debates :P
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I speak very seriously. I tell you that today paleontology as an independent science has ceased to be completely reliable. The debates are not generated only with the T-Rex, but in general with any extinct creature; what colors they were, which animals were solitary and which were sociable, if the herds were matriarchal or patriarchal, how they cared for their eggs, if they are different species or the same species... and wait, that there is for longConfusedCome on, let's be serious. Don't you think that discussions would end sooner if we could travel back in time? I can assure you 100% that I'm not the first to ask this question and probably I won't be the last one either.
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True; extremely True :nod:
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