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My Charizards do not normally rear fully upright like this. There head is usually held lower and as such are measured at the shoulder, making them 5'7". The trainer is around 6' or so.

Though Bulbasaur has always been my favorite Pokemon, Charizard has always been my favorite fully evolved starter. I even had a Charizard Pokemon card back when that was a big deal. I wanted to make sure he looked reptilian not saurischian, so I pulled design elements exclusively from reptiles. You guys should definitely check out a Kaprosuchus, it certainly wouldn't be a boar. I also made sure to add little wing nubs on the pre-evs so that its not as jarring a transition. As Charizards get older, more or their tail envelops in flame. When a Charizard reaches an old enough age it will completely ignite and burn itself to ash. There are responsible for the occasional brush fire.

Other Realistic Pokemon
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You do nice work. Not a Pokemon guy but these are nice.

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interesting choice for inspiration, the basilisk.

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Nice Kaprosuchus joke!

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Although I was never a fan of the hexapod dragons, charizard one of my favorite (maybe I personifies mine later). I loved the design of the head, Congragulations! :D 
By the way, in the new movie "Detective Pikachu" they use the same model of the lit tail like-yours instead of a floating flame at the end.
By last, is it hair what it has on the edge of its wings?
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I think he worked on detective pikachu
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I don't deny it.
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Dragons usually have four limbs aside from their wings, it's wyverns that have only two lower limbs and wings on its arms

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Right. But in original folklore, "Wyvern" was just one of the many ways to call a dragon, regardless of the number of feet. But seeing it from the modern point of view, wyverns are a type of dragon (therefore they are still dragons, but more practical).
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This guy worked on the movie, so that's probably why.
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These should be in a documentary on animal planet or discovery channel, I can already imagine what the special is gonna be called
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Yes. Yes. Yes. And HELL YES! 
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Hey let’s get that attinburough guy to narrate it
Thepenguinrapist's avatar

Too expensive. I'll do it for free.

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That Charmander though, his body language has this whole like; "This is mine! and nobody else can have it!" vibe. Made me laugh.
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Wait so you didn't see it as a dog?
SacredSpirit123's avatar
Who could possibly see an obvious dragon as a dog?
MizuNeko68's avatar
The same person who could see an obvious ghost as a bat (gastly line). Or an obvious dog as a tiger (growlithe line). Or can't tell that Scyther is a mantis. Also my comment was a joke.
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...k...? The reasoning behind the “ghosts as bats and insects” and “ice Elementals/plants as animals” thing was that we don’t really have any Elementals or walking dead / ambulatory plants in real life. He was trying to provide a rational explanation for their imagined appearances.
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His eyes are just like mine, Love it!
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