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Here is the seemingly much anticipated Blastoise. He was always my least favorite of the original three starters, but I'll take him over Swampert any day. The big challenger with a more realistic take on Blastoise is of course, his cannons. After spending some time researching animals that use projectiles, a squid's jet really seem to fit the idea. Blastoise is supposed to be able to aim his cannons and fire water jets to propel himself in a direction, very much like a real life squid. So he intakes large supplies of water through his mouth and stores it in a specialized organ in his chest under the shell. Blastoise primarily eats shellfish, earning his nickname as the shellfish Pokemon, he holds onto a Shellder in this case and blasts water to help him pull it off its rocky home. Squirtles start out primarily aquatic and as they grow they eventually become semi terrestrial and lose their developed swimming tail in favor for a heavier counterweight tail. Wartortles spend much of their time drifting motionlessly after meals to facilitate the tremendous growth, sometimes for months. As a result coral sea fans often take root on them, especially on their head. Also, Krabby is a dick, look at him, being an ass.

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My favorite Pokemon come to life. I love it!

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I just noticed a little magicarp
kraaaads's avatar
It’s blowing my mind

i see a staryu on blastoises arm

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wait you don't like swampert! What!
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It's hilarious how Wartortle loses its head things when it evolves. Like... Why grow them in the first place then!?
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They're not part of it's anatomy, it's just sea plants that grew.

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i thought it was coral

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Its cannons could also serve to knock down prey out of the water as the archerfish does.
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I like swampert much more. Btw what’s on blastoise’s left arm? Looks like dunsparce or tynamo.
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not our class pet squirtle!!!
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I love Wartorle and you've done him perfectly XD Well done
KawaiiNeko924's avatar
how dare you dislike Squirtle and mudkip
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IKR! They're so OP! Gen 1 and 3 was the best! We can count Gen 6 too.
Cannons look a bit flaccid
Darkiplierdragon's avatar
Dat crabby is like " You wanna fight?" 
Nobody is saying anything about the shiny Shellder lol.
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